UFOs: What We Keep Missing I The Richard Dolan Show

Although UFOs are no longer totally banished from the mainstream media, the most important things about them continue to be ignored. And not just by the establishment, but by UFO researchers themselves. Thousands upon thousands of reports are filed every year, and these are only a small fraction of the worldwide total. This data is […]

🛸UFOs: The Most Important Thing We're Not Talking About (LIVE Event 06/25/2022)

UFOs: The Most Important Thing We’re Not Talking About Live Event, Saturday, June 25th ▶ https://www.consultingproductions.com/UFOsGlobalUpdate This event is part of ☆UPGRADE THE DEBATE☆, a series of online events created by Richard M. Dolan. Frequent conferences, lectures, debates, and events allow you to make informed decisions on topics you care about. It’s time to UPGRADE […]

Upgrade the Debate a conference series by Richard Dolam

UPGRADE THE DEBATE is a new conference series by Richard Dolan. https://www.consultingproductions.com/upgradethedebate You heard the topics, who do you want to see on a future Upgrade the Debate? Leave your ideas in the comments. The first event is June 25th UFOs: The Most Important Thing We’re Not Talking About https://www.consultingproductions.com/UFOsGlobalUpdate Join MEMBERSHIPS here on YouTube […]

USOs The Counter Narrative. The Richard Dolan Show

We live in a world of deceptive narratives coming from the very sources we were once taught to trust. One of those narratives deals with UFOs. Something completely left out of our public discussion of this phenomenon are those objects consistently seen in Earth’s bodies of water. Unidentified Submersible Objects (USOs) have been with us […]

The UAP Congressional Hearings I What You Need to Know I The Richard Dolan Show

On May 17, the House Intelligence Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation Subcommittee held an open hearing on unidentified aerial phenomena UAP, commonly known as UFOs. Richard Dolan offers his assessment of what it signifies. See the open hearing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSDweUbGBow Ariel Phenomenon Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnFI1dDG6ZI Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure: https://www.youtube.com/c/CitizenHearing #Disclosure #UAP #PublicHearing Join MEMBERSHIPS here on […]

Are Aliens Totalitarians? | The Richard Dolan Show

Our world has seen an upsurge in discussion about UAP (once known as UFOs). But there has hardly been any conversation about who or what the intelligences behind the phenomenon might be. One important matter to consider is whether alien species, whether “out there” or right here, believe in concepts like individual freedom — or […]

We Are Becoming Alien | The Richard Dolan Show

The changes we are seeing in our world are nothing short of revolutionary. They are also designed to create a transhumanist version of ourselves. In other words, something genuinely alien. For the home of exclusive content from author, historian, and radio host Richard Dolan. Join his member site here: http://richarddolanmembers.com/ Join MEMBERSHIPS here on YouTube […]