SCOTUS Recognizes 2A Rights While Canadians Have ZERO Rights To Self Defence!!!

In a major victory for American’s 2nd amendment rights, the Supreme Court of the United States has just struck down New York’s century-old law restricting the carrying of concealed firearms! With a 6-3 majority the SCOTUS determined that the law’s requirement of New Yorkers who want a permit to carry a handgun in public to […]

Canadian Flight Crew Jailed In Dominican After FINDING $25M Of Cocaine Onboard 👀

On April 5, Dominican authorities detained five Canadian crew members — two pilots, two flight attendants and a maintenance engineer — after the crew say they reported finding a bag hidden in the belly of a Pivot Airlines plane. Eight black duffel bags were found stuffed with more than 200 kilograms of cocaine so the Dominican authorities […]


The world’s swimming governing body FINA has effectively banned transgender women from competing in women’s events, starting Monday and it’s about time!! This is one step in the right direction but the next step should involve keeping transgender ideologies away from little children! Drag queens dancing for kids has become so prevalent in society that […]


The number one trend on Twitter Canada today is #TrudeauIsDestroyingCanada as more and more Canadians wake up to the fact that Justin Trudeau doesn’t care about them. An Uvalde mom who rescued her own children while the police tried to hold her back is now saying that the same police are threatening her to not […]

Bilderberg 2022 Has Adjourned…So What’s Next???

The 68th annual Bilderberg conference has adjourned where some of the world’s most powerful and influential people held a private off the record discussion on geopolitical issues that will continue to affect the world as we know it. As Charlie Skelton reported for the Guardian: “After a pandemic gap of two years, the elite global […]

He’s Coming For The Guns!!!

In the wake of the Texas school shooting that happened in another country, the prime minister of Canada decided that now was good time to propose a new gun law that would ban the sales of handguns in Canada. The law is expected to pass this fall turning law abiding citizens into potential criminals overnight. […]