Lightning Filmed From the ISS???? Or was it something else you Decide

On March 8 an unknown anomaly was filmed directly from the TV while watching NASA live on YouTube This does not appear to be any type of known space lightning not to mention there are several unknown objects above the atmospheric anomaly Nocturnal  Credit NASA Music Art of silence #noclickbate source

SOHO Satellite captures Something very bizarre and very convincing TR-3B Footage

The SOHO Satellite captured a very mysterious object near the Suns Surface,A video showing a very mysterious craft was uploaded to the NASA website February 2021 I have not verified this is a real authentic video but so far everything checks out and I will investigate further Also some very convincing TR3B footage That Some […]

UFO Congressional hearing my thoughts and opinions All of this sounds oddly familiar

First UFO congressional hearing in 54 years is this a step in the right direction or do the lies and manipulations continue Please Subscribe to the channel it takes a lot of hard work to Create these videos #Congressional hearing  Music Credit Congressional Link  source