Planet X Observations No. 1 – Nemesis and Nibiru Together : Your Own World USA

This new ongoing series, Planet X Observations, was created for people to submit their Planet X observation videos. We test submissions for signs of fakery and are gamma tested to eliminate aberrations. Those accepted are posted along with our analysis, as demonstrated by the two observation videos in this first report.  If you have a […]

Anunnaki Invasion : Your Own World USA

When I produced my new 10-part series, I named it Ground Zero and the Obliteration of NATO instead of titling it the Anunnaki Invasion. Both titles are perfect because the series is about an Anunnaki invasion and is very specific about where the big badda-bing badda-bang happens and who gets clipped. OK, yes, I get […]

Ground Zero and the Obliteration of NATO : Your Own World USA

This ten-part series reveals a prophecy that something alien and wicked this way comes and that NATO is in the cross-hairs. Marshall explores what this means for Earth, how we survive it, and, most importantly, how humanity frees itself forever. Please scroll down to view the Free HD 720 version.  It is ideal for handheld […]

Signs 74 – Fireball Trifecta : Your Own World USA

February 2023 was a fireball trifecta—new, all-time records for all three data subsets for this period. While it is too early to conclude where we are relative to the Nemesis Cloud, the options field has begun to narrow, and we’ll see the one that didn’t make the first cut. On the USGS earthquake reporting.  I’ve […]

Signs 73 – False Flag Conditions : Your Own World USA

January’s “Say what!  Ruh Roh!” fireball twist left us wondering what 2023 would reveal.  Although the overall numbers dipped, the most worrisome datasets did not. Our fireball data shows that we’re moving into a region in the Nemesis Cloud with a new mix dominated by larger debris. The observation data we collect over the coming […]

The Total Obliteration of Germany and Its People : Your Own World USA

Once German and American combatants and heavy weapons draw Russian blood, it will unleash a long-standing, pent-up trauma. Once provoked, Russia will obliterate the German nation and its people, and with Russian forces building, the window of opportunity to end this madness is narrowing. I have a message to the German and the American people […]

How the Meek Inherit the Earth No. 6 – Saving the Vaccinated : Your Own World USA

We’re beginning to see a stream of celebrity mea culpa admissions about having taken the jab. Some are genuinely regretful, like Joe Rogan, with a message of love and forgiveness for those who mocked and abused the unvaccinated, whereas others are more reflective, like Elon Musk. While their mea culpa admissions offer a first step […]

Signs 72 – 2022 Ruh Roh! : Your Own World USA

On January 1, I received an early present with the Signs data for December 2022, from J.P. Jones, with the data and a lengthy missive regarding a shocking fireball twist. I’ll explain everything below, so for now, the short version is, “Say what!  Ruh Roh!” As for the USGS, they ended the year with a […]

How the Meek Inherit the Earth No. 5 – Controlled Opposition : Your Own World USA

With each new year, we do retrospectives, so with that in mind, let’s go back to January 2021, when General Flynn stood before a solemn gathering of protestors in the nation’s capital.  He proclaimed, “There is no plan,”  and then he led a prayer. At that moment, Flynn snatched confidence from the jaws of victory […]

How the Meek Inherit the Earth No. 4 – Are You a Noah? : Your Own World USA

In future centuries our descendants will ask and re-ask the same question countless times.  How could billions of people have been so easily led to their deaths? These future descendants will be meek and authentic, as God made us.  But what about those living today?  They are asking the question and have been for longer […]