Alan Watts – What If The World Is Going To Hell? (SHOTS OF WISDOM 57)

Check out the entire Alan Watts Playlist: In this speech, Alan Watts addresses the question of whether civilization is a mistake and contemplates the desire for existence in a world filled with problems. He explores the idea that civilization, marked by human attempts to control and improve life, might eventually lead to its own […]

Alan Watts – Being REALLY Here And Now (Shots of Wisdom 56)

Check out the entire Alan Watts Playlist: In this speech, Alan Watts expounds on the subtle implications of the true understanding of life’s essence, letting go of the need to actively seek meaning or even passively surrender to it. Instead, it involves a state of mind that transcends both these approaches. The solution is […]

Alan Watts – The Myriad Shades Of Consciousness (Shots of Wisdom 53)

Why do people perceive and react to the ever-changing nature of life in different ways. If some seek to be rational, analytical, and in control, while others value spontaneity, emotion, and fluidity, which approach could be more beneficial in the long run. Alan Watts addresses these very questions, challenging the mechanistic concept of the universe, […]

Alan Watts – This Is Who You Really Are (SHOTS OF WISDOM 48)

Check out the entire Alan Watts Playlist: Alan Watts discusses in this speech one of the most fundamental questions of all: Is the human organism something separated from the universe in the sense that we perceive ourselves and the world around us? He explains how the illusory separation between the physical and the spiritual […]


Check out the entire Alan Watts Playlist: One of the principal idols Alan Watts was so eager to smash was the idea of free will. The intrinsic human drive to control things and to claim authorship of one’s thoughts and deeds is just too holy a shrine to approach. But Alan Watts wouldn’t be […]

HOW YOU CAN STOP SUFFERING by Alan Watts – Liberating Insights (Shots of Wisdom 30)

Check out the entire Alan Watts Playlist: Most people would agree with the Buddhist saying “Life is Suffering” and go on creating more of it along their life experience. In this talk, Alan Watts breaks down the hidden mechanisms of suffering and illustrates in simple terms how it can indeed be stopped. If you […]

THE SHOCKING TRUTH by Alan Watts – What Happens To You Is Your Doing (SHOTS OF WISDOM 29)

Check out the entire Alan Watts Playlist: The Truth is often discomforting at first glance, but more often liberating when thoroughly understood. This is what Alan Watts is doing in this speech. Obliterating the boundary between what happens in our lives and what we do, and explaining in a simple and yet fascinating way […]

MOST INSIGHTFUL SPEECH by Alan Watts – Literally INSIGHTful (Shots of Wisdom 21)

Check out the entire Alan Watts Playlist: How could all the chaos and disharmony we perceive in the world ever make sense? The question as such contains the hidden clue to the answer: In order for anything to make sense at all, it must be first perceived, and we judge things and events according […]

EYE OPENING speech by Alan Watts (SHOTS OF WISDOM 1)

In this inspirational speech, Alan Watts addresses one of the most disruptive concepts that the ever-shattering human mind fails to grasp in very simple terms. For those who are familiar with the works of Alan Watts, this is “nothing new under the sun”, yet they would sit there, like myself, totally spellbound and listen to […]