Lasers Can Hack Self Driving Cars Reveals New Study

A new study has shown that lasers can hack self-driving cars, and this can be used to trick moving automobiles into missing pedestrians or other obstacles. It was discovered in a research last week that numerous self-driving technologies in vehicles may be “messed with” using lasers, which is certainly going to be another pain in […]

30-Year-Old Co-Founder Of Crypto Trading Platform Amber Dies Unexpecteldy In His Sleep

According to a statement posted on Amber’s website on Friday, Tiantian Kullander, the 30-year-old Co-Founder of crypto trading platform Amber, has died unexpectedly in his sleep. Tiantian Kullander, a former trader at Morgan Stanley who co-founded the trading platform for digital assets known as Amber Group, has passed away. He had just turned thirty. On […]

Ex American Air Force Captain Arrested In Dubai For Posting Youtube Video

During a recent trip to Dubai, plainclothes police detained Sherif Osman. He is still in custody. The ex American air force captain was arrested in Dubai for posting a youtube video. Sherif Osman, a US citizen and former captain in the Air Force, was detained by UAE police after criticizing the Egyptian government on YouTube […]

Mysterious Changes Identified In The Brain Of People Who Get Migraines

According to research that has been presented at the 108th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, mysterious changes have been identified in the brains of people who get migraines. Scientists may have just found a major new clue that could help solve the frustrating and ongoing mystery of the […]

Inside China’s Secret Covid Detention Centre

The risk of being returned to confinement that came with accessing China’s contact-tracing matrix was so significant that Financial Times Shanghai correspondent Thomas Hale had to make compromises like nowhere else on the globe. Here’s a look inside China’s secret Covid detention center. After Financial Times Shanghai correspondent Thomas Hale was detained by President Xi […]

The Doctor Who Can Rebuild Trust: Joseph Ladapo

If you are like me, you are exhausted of the lies. Every day seems to bring new revelations about how our lives came to be upended. The connections are becoming clearer between the pandemic response and the growing economic crisis, the ballooning debt, the growth of the surveillance state, the corruption and scams, chilling absence […]

The U.S. Shale Boom Is Officially Over

The new shareholder-focused approach of shale companies, supply chain restrictions, and inflation have all combined to change how the sector functions. The US shale boom is officially over. The era of the United States’ shale oil industry’s rapid expansion is finished. Although American oil production is increasing, it is doing so at a considerably slower […]