Russia’s Rebranded McDonald’s Smashed Sales Record On Opening Day

The Vkusno & Tochka, which is a rebranded McDonald’s in Russia after the company fled in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, has smashed the sales records on the opening day. According to a Reuters interview with the company’s chief executive, when Russia’s rebranded McDonald’s restaurants opened in Moscow earlier this month, they shattered […]

There May Be No Clinical Trials For Future Covid Vaccines

Pfizer and Moderna have a problem. Their mRNA Covid-19 shots do not stop infection, transmission, hospitalization, nor death from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Over half a billion doses have been injected into Americans in the past 17 months and these shots have made no discernible impact on the course of the pandemic. Far more Americans have […]

India’s Biggest Ever IPO Of LIC Losses Over $18 Billion

Earlier, GreatGameIndia reported how a Black Swan event could trigger $100 billion capital outflows from India. Now, we see that India’s biggest ever IPO of LIC has incurred a loss of over $18 billion. The Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), India’s largest-ever initial public offering (IPO), which was hailed as the “LIC 2.0” phase of the […]

NASA Announces Plan To Put Nuclear Reactor On The Moon By 2030

According to the latest announcement, NASA and the Department of Energy are working together to put a nuclear reactor on the Moon by 2030. In its quest to return to and eventually establish a permanent human presence on the Moon, NASA has given three design contracts for a nuclear reactor that may run there. In […]

Seven Years In Jail For Having Sex During The Qatar World Cup

According to several sources during the Qatar World Cup, having sex with anyone other than their spouses can result in up to seven years in jail. One-night stands could face seven years behind bars if found guilty after Qatar has announced that it will enforce a sex ban ahead of the 2022 […]

Denmark Finally Admits Vaccinating Children Was A Mistake

Denmark provides Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccinations, like many other countries. But reports reveal that Denmark has finally admitted that vaccinating their children was a mistake on their part. A top Danish health authority has stated that immunizations should not have been prescribed for all children aged 5 and up. Søren Brostrøm, the director general […]

BBC Instructs Journalists To Use ‘Political Influence’ To Push ‘Transgender’ Ideology

Global Butterflies, a transgender lobbying organization, developed a campaign in which BBC journalists were instructed to further the LGBT cause by using their power. Now the BBC is instructing journalists to use their political influence to push the transgender ideology. After journalists were instructed to use their “influence” to “affect change” in support of “transgenderism,” […]

WATCH: N.J. Guy Take His Amphibious Car For A Dip At The Jersey Shore

Monteleone, 63, of New Jersey, took his amphibious car, Amphicar, for a swim at the Jersey Shore. The car is one of only 3,878 Amphicars ever built. When Steven Monteleone starts his car, the engine roars to life. His 1967 convertible, which is over 50 years old, is powered by a 1147 cc straight-4 Triumph […]

How The US Failed The Baby Formula Crisis

The shortage of baby formula currently gripping the US started during the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2021, there were reports that families across the country were struggling to find key baby products like diapers, wipes and formula. The shortage was mainly blamed on supply-chain issues – however, some experts pointed out that panic buying was aggravating […]

India To Host G20 Summit In 2023 In Jammu & Kashmir

India will host the G20 summit in Jammu and Kashmir in 2023 and will assume the G20 presidency on December 1, 2022. The G20 Summit, which will bring together the largest economies in the world, will take place in India’s Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory (UT) in 2023. To plan and coordinate the major international […]