Debi Evans Blog: 31 January 2023

Bill Gates Who runs One World Health? Who runs the NHS? Who runs MHRA? Who appears to own the lion’s share in Global Life Sciences? Bill Gates is a very busy man. He is working hard to prove to the world that he is a wonderful soul who has all our best interests at heart. […]

Debi Evans Blog: 24 January 2023

As the World Economic Forum (WEF) met in Davos this week, there has been plenty to talk about. How will this affect each and every one of us? The WEF appears to have the ability to predict the future. What does that future look like for you or me? Can we relax now that the […]

Debi Evans Blog: 17 January 2023

You’re on your own in the NHS For the last 75 years since it was originally rolled out in the UK in 1948, the British public have been dependent on the only health service available to them, the National Health Service (NHS). Did you know that the UK is one of the only countries in […]

Debi Evans Blog: 10 January 2023

This week, I would like to start by addressing our international readers and viewers with an important announcement from the Disunited Kingdom regarding something that perhaps you may not be fully aware of. Why is our National Health Service (NHS) devoid of staff? Those who are not currently on sick leave appear to be leaving […]

What is medicrime? | UKColumn

Medicine crime, or ‘medicrime’, is a crime which includes a wide range of illegal and illicit activities spanning many different communities and many environments, including the medical profession. The discussion of what medicrime actually is may well end up generating more questions. Historically, there has always been much debate, press attention and legislation around street […]

Debi Evans Blog: 3 January 2023

As we start the New Year loosening our belts and de-tinselling our homes, many will be worrying how they are going to manage in a world of rising prices, continual emergencies, warnings, scare tactics, anxiety and yet more warnings of dire doom and gloom to come. Our governments don’t seem to be feeling as generous […]

Debi Evans Blog: New Year 2023

Goodbye 2022—Hello 2023 As many of us reflect on 2022, and as we look back on another year of chaos, fear, anxiety and emergencies, I wonder how many of us can say that we don’t know anyone who is either poorly or suddenly unwell. In my own family, it appears the majority of us—both vaccinated […]

Debi Evans Blog: Christmas 2022

As Christmas fast approaches and Christians around the world prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, many are worrying about the cost of living crisis and how they are going to get through the next couple of days, let alone Christmas and the New Year. As we enter 2023, we must all prepare for […]

Debi Evans Blog: 13 December 2022

My penultimate blog before Christmas focuses on mass disruption and the state of the NHS. It’s never a happy picture. I promise I will try to sprinkle my Christmas week blog with a little festive cheer. With little over a week to go until Christmas 2022, cast your mind back a thousand days to when […]

Debi Evans Blog: 6 December 2022

This week, I was going to concentrate on language by showing some alternative suggestions regarding the narrative that His Majesty’s Government is setting out. However, that may have to wait until another week. News this week has been dominated by reports that Strep A infections are responsible for the deaths of ten school-age children in the […]