Technophobia & The Great Reset | Ep. 7 | The CE Show

The Great Reset (TGR) is touching on a felt intuition many people share: our systems are in deep need of an overhaul. The question is: shouldn’t we all have a say over the direction we head? Within this conversation of a new society is the advancement of technology and how it is re-shaping what’s possible. […]

Interconnection & A Pathway To Change | Ep 6 | The CE Show

We are in a time where complex systems are breaking down without our society, and yet we are looking at these problems with an overly simplistic and reductionist lens that is causing us to fail to recognize what the problems we face actually are. Engaging the spirit of creating a set of solutions and societal […]

Social Media, Desensitization, Cultural Decline | The CE Show | Ep: 4

The word trauma is a tough one. Its meaning can be very different depending on who you talk to, and given the content of what we’re going to talk about in today’s episode, it’s important we define it. This I do in the early minutes of the episode. In the context I lay out, trauma […]

Social Media, Desensitization, Cultural Decline | The CE Show | Ep: 4

Is social media re-shaping our brains? Is it gaming us into short attention spans and an inability to thinking in complexity? The research suggests this is certainly happening. It also suggests it’s making us more angry and disconnected from one another. The good news is there are ways to use social media as a tool […]

Sensemaking, Fake News & Censorship | The CE Podcast | Ep. 3

We seem to be in a constant information war these days. And with that, there appears to be a war on sensemaking. What is sensemaking? Simply, our ability to accurately perceive what is taking place and make meaningful decisions based on what we learn. It seems now that it is like we are in a […]

The Meaning Crisis | The CE Podcast | Ep. 2

One of the simplest ways to think about the meaning crisis is to ask whether humanity is going through a moment where our experience of life feels increasingly less relevant and meaningful. Do we feel withdrawn from our world? A sense of disconnection from it and others? Perhaps this is at the root of our […]

Humanity's Predicament | The CE Podcast | Ep 1.

In this introductory episode of the Collective Evolution podcast Joe brings together the thesis that began CE and the wisdom of experience gained over 15 years of running CE. This episode is meant to layout the foundational themes that will be the backbone of future episodes, interviews and conversations on the show. Things like the […]

Are Humans Being Pushed To Question Everything Right Now?

Joe Martino, David Helfrich & Dr. Madhava Setty discuss whether or not COVID has produced a moment when human beings are experiencing and evolutionary pressure. Something that is asking us to re-examine ourselves, our relationships, what we believe and more. Listen to this full episode of the Collective Evolution podcast anywhere you get your podcasts […]

'Conspiracy Badge of Honour' & Paranormal Experiences | Jason Quitt & Joe Martino

Jason Quitt & Joe Martino discuss the some of the challenges of navigating spirituality and conspiracy, as well as the importance of curiosity and the rise of post-material science. Listen to this full episode of the Collective Evolution podcast anywhere you get your podcasts or here: If you want to support our work, consider […]