Key Bitcoin price metrics point to BTC downside below $22.5K

Bitcoin (BTC) faced a 1-hour $1,420 pullback on March 3 following Silvergate Bank’s 57.7% stock crash which was due to significant losses and “suboptimal capitalization.” The U.S. fintech-friendly bank was a key financial infrastructure provider for exchanges, institutional investors and mining companies and some investors are worried that its potential demise could have wide-ranging negative […]

Bitcoin price derivatives look a bit overheated, but data suggests bears are outnumbered

Bitcoin (BTC) price rallied over 12% on Feb. 15, marking the highest daily close in more than six months. Curiously, the movement happened while gold reached a 40-day low at $1,826, indicating some potential shift in investors’ risk assessment for cryptocurrencies. A stronger than expected U.S. inflation report on Feb. 14 presented 5.6% growth year-over-year, […]

Total crypto market cap rises above $1T, and data suggests more upside is in store

Despite the recent negative crypto and macroeconomic newsflow, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization broke above $1 trillion on Jan. 21. An encouraging sign is that derivatives metrics are not showing increased demand from bearish traders at the moment.  Total crypto market cap in USD, 1-day. Source: TradingView Bitcoin (BTC) price gained 8% on the week, […]

Bitcoin price rallies to $19K, but analyst says a $17.3K retest could happen next

Bitcoin (BTC) price has gained 15% in the past 13 days, and during this timeframe, traders’ bearish bets in BTC futures were liquidated in excess of $530 million compared to bulls. After rallying to $19,000 on Jan. 12, Bitcoin reached its highest price since the FTX exchange collapse on Nov. 8. The move was largely […]

Bitcoin derivatives data suggests a BTC price pump above $18K won’t be easy

Traders might rejoice now that Bitcoin price ventured above $17,400, but twenty-seven long days have passed since Bitcoin (BTC) last breached the $17,250 resistance.  On December 13, after a two-week-long lateral movement, Bitcoin posted a 6.5% rally toward $18,000 and even though the current movement still lacks strength, traders believe that a retest of the […]

3 reasons why Bitcoin is likely heading below $16,000

December will likely be remembered by Bitcoin’s (BTC) fake breakout above $18,000, but apart from that brief overshoot, its trajectory was entirely bearish. In fact, the downward trend that currently offers an $18,850 resistance could bring the BTC price below $16,000 by mid-January. Bitcoin/USD price index, 12-hour chart. Source: TradingView A handful of reasons can […]

Ethereum bounces above $1.2K, but derivatives metrics show traders fear a collapse

Ether (ETH) gained 5.6% on Dec. 20 after testing the $1,150 support the previous day. Still, a bearish trend prevails, forming a three-week-long descending channel, a price action attributed to expectations of further U.S. Federal Reserve interest rate hikes. Ether/USD price index, 12-hour. Source: TradingView Jim Bianco, head of institutional research firm Bianco Research, said […]