Noam Chomsky: Media and Mass Manipulation

Media and philosophy, part 7. A virtual lecture on Noam Chomsky. #NoamChomsky #media #philosophy Media theory series: —- Outro Music: Carsick Cars – You Can Listen You Can Talk: —- Hans-Georg Moeller is a professor at the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department at the University of Macau, and, with Paul D’Ambrosio, author of the recently […]

If Morality Exists Everything Is Permitted. (Q&A)

Morality is dangerous. Here is why. #Morality #slavojzizek #samharris Why Sam Harris is Wrong – A Critique of Sam Harris’ “The Moral Landscape” (in 2020): (Article by Slavjo Zizek) If there is a God, then anything is permitted: Daoist Philosophy | Zhuangzi: The Dao of Gangstas: Daoist Philosophy: Right & Wrong: Dr Hans-Georg Moeller […]