Mark My Words…THIS is Coming in 2022 – It's Time to Sound the Alarm, and Prepare

The good news is you’re getting a heads-up, and have time to prepare. The bad news is that is actually happening… Follow and Support me on these other platforms where I can speak my mind and share TRUTH: Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Rumble: Follow me on Odysee: […]

The Internet MUST SAVE Lolita From Miami Seaquarium (52 YEARS in THIS)

I am going to Miami Seaquarium with Phil Demers (The Walrus Whisperer) on June 5th at 12 Noon to BUST poor Lolita the Orca, out of her concrete prison bathtub – WHERE SHE HAS BEEN FOR 52 YEARS. You are invited to help us liberate her, by creating much needed awareness to a unique topic […]

How I Cured Years of Depression Within Days (Do These 4 Things)

It felt miraculous. I suffered from depression for years, nothing helped. But these four natural things cured my depression, almost miraculously, and within days. It was unbelievable, and virtually free. I know many people need to hear this. If it worked for me, it can work for others. Thanks for watching! I’m Jimmy Corsetti, and […]

Lost Ancient Tech Found UNDER This Egyptian Stone Box…

The reason why there is a surging interest into the topic of lost ancient human civilizations by millions of people from around the world, is because the more you research the little-known, and unexplainable details, particularly involving the Ancient Egyptians…You quickly become aware of the bizarre reality that they had to have possessed some unknown […]

Bizarre Ancient Boats Found Hidden at Pyramids of Egypt…

One of the more bizarre discoveries ever found at the Pyramids of Egypt, is something that surprisingly few people are even aware of. Did you know that the Oldest, LARGEST, and best-preserved boat ever discovered from Ancient Egypt was found buried just steps away from the Great Pyramid of Giza? That’s right, and perhaps the […]

Happy April 1st.

Happy April 1st. NEW video on the mysterious Ancient Egyptians coming in just a few hours! source