Baffling Mysteries of Alaska…Something Weird Is Going on in the Alaskan Wilderness

During research on Alaska, a former US Air Force employee discovered something genuinely astonishing…over 16,000 people have mysteriously gone missing across the state in the last 20 years. That’s not the only strange thing about Alaska. As the research continued, it became apparent that it was not just people who were going missing but also […]

You Wont Believe This…Someone or Something Has Been Deep Inside the Great Pyramid

There has been another baffling development at the Great Pyramid of Giza. The discovery came to light after several images became available after being lost for 20 years. The photos suggest that someone has been inside the Northern Shaft of the Queen’s chamber. At this point, nobody knows how they got inside nor what they […]

Mars Experts Look at the Martian Surface and Find a Stack of HUGE Anomalies

For decades scientists have told us that no life has ever existed on the red planet. However, in recent years, especially since the mars rover has been roaming around Mars, eagle eyed researchers have found all manner of strange artefacts. These include the ruins of what looks like temples and pyramids on the Martian surface. […]

War of the Gods DOCUMENTARY 2022 The Ancient Alien Battle for Earth

Erich Von Daniken reveals more fascinating discoveries regarding Earth’s ancient and mysterious past. One of the most incredible revelations is that there was once a tremendous battle for Earth’s resources between two competing alien civilizations. This conflict accounts not only for the asteroid belt but also for many ancient underground cities we see across the […]

Impossible Ancient Egypt DOCUMENTARY 2022 Its Much Older and Stranger Than We Think

Perplexing evidence of high-level technologies and advanced civilizations can still be seen all over Egypt today. These finds are even more inexplicable because they seem to have been created during the predynastic era, a period supposedly occupied by relatively primitive people. These curiosities present us with a bewildering mystery because they imply that the ancient […]