Court Sides in Favor of Petitioners; Overturns EPA Decision that Glyphosate (in Roundup) is Safe for Humans, Imperiled Wildlife – David Icke

In 2021 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was exposed for possibly being aware for years of a probable link between glyphosate (ingredient used in Roundup weedkiller) and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  Roundup victims have won lawsuits against the manufacturer and there will likely be more (see 1, 2, 3, 4).  Nevertheless, the EPA has continued to defend […]

Paul McCartney shows his solidarity with Ukraine by waving the country’s flag during his Glastonbury set – after scrapping Beatles hit Back in the USSR from all his shows

Paul McCartney showed his support for Ukraine during his historic headline show at Glastonbury on Saturday, as the country remains gripped by a war with Russia. The Beatles legend, 80, returned to the stage for an encore performance brandishing the country’s flag, earning a huge cheer as he waved it over his head. It comes […]

Perceptions Of A Renegade Mind – 25% Off All Weekend – David Icke

David Icke has been writing books for decades warning that current events were coming. He has faced ridicule and abuse for saying that the end of human freedom was being planned, how, and by whom. His latest highly topical book, Perceptions of a Renegade Mind, is published in very different circumstances with vast numbers of […]