Isira – The Deeper Story behind Crises

You can watch all our videos at In ‘The Deeper Story Behind Crises’, the wisdom keeper and spiritual master Isira invites us to look into the causes behind the critical challenges we face, and find the gifts of wisdom that lie within them. Isira is no stranger to crises. As a teenager, she was […]

Katie Mack – The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking 🌌)

You can watch all our videos at The Universe had a beginning, and it will have an end. Modern cosmology — the study of the nature and evolution of the cosmos itself — has allowed physicists to explain the history of the Universe from the first tiny fraction of a second until today. But […]

Thomas Hübl – Ancestral Collective and Individual Trauma

You can watch all our videos at An excerpt from the May 2022 SAND Event – Opening to Our Humanity and Resilience in a Time of Upheaval Thomas Hübl is a renowned teacher, author, and international facilitator whose lifelong work integrates the core insights of the great wisdom traditions and mysticism with the discoveries […]

Peter Russell – The Blossoming of Consciousness

You can watch all our videos at We are living through the most exciting and most challenging times in human history, if not the history of planet. In but a flash of cosmic time, a species has arisen capable of love, an appreciation of beauty, and the creation of great art, music, and poetry. […]

Joan Tollifson – Death the End of Self Improvement

You can watch all our videos at When the future disappears, we are brought home to the vibrant aliveness Here and Now, the only reality there ever actually is. Whether it is the personal death that awaits each of us, the looming threat of climate extinction, the inevitable planetary death in which the earth […]

Alua Arthur – Finding Life Through Death

You can watch all our videos at Dying & Living is Alua’s world, the world of a death doula. She would light myself on fire if she thought it would shift the world’s understanding that our time here to play is measured in our moments. How does one choose to walk closely to the […]