This Rare Battle-Sword Just Found in Sweden Is “An Evolutionary Leap”

Researchers in Sweden were excavating a 400-year-old cellar floor when they came across this “rare” battle-sword from the Military Revolution. Archaeologists from Arkeologerna were digging at the intersection of the Kungsgatan and Västerlnggatan roads in the city of Kalmar, in the southeast of Sweden on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Best known for its […]

Luxury Bath Spa At Rutland Villa Was A Roman Barn Conversion

Last year archaeologists in the UK unearthed a rare Roman mosaic at a luxury 3rd century villa. Now, further excavations have revealed an “early barn conversion” with underfloor heating and a bespoke spa! Getting Beyond the Famous Mosaic The Roman villa was the home of a wealthy Roman family between the 3rd and 4th centuries […]

Ancient Mummies Found in Egypt with Golden Tongues

Archaeologists excavating at Qwaisana Archaeological Compound in Egypt have unearthed numerous ancient mummies, and some of them had golden tongues! Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities recently announced the new discoveries in a Facebook post . Dr Mustafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council for Archaeology, said that while the mummies are in “a poor […]

Romans Snacked on Nuts and Melons While Enjoying Colosseum Bloodbath

Over the last year archaeologists excavating the Colosseum in Rome have unearthed animal bones and coins. Now, they’ve discovered “snacks” that were consumed by the bloodthirsty spectators. Dating back to 69 AD the Colosseum, or Flavian Amphitheater , of Rome was founded when Emperor Vespasian restored the city after the Civil War. This 6-acre display […]

Sacrificed Animals Dressed as Warriors Point to Tomb of Aztec King

Researchers conducting excavations in Mexico City found a series of boxes containing Aztec treasures. Inside they discovered a cache of Aztec ritual offerings, including child remains, precious stones, and several animals including a flamingo, an eagle, a Mexican wolf and a jaguar. Could it be that they’ve found the legendary lost tomb of the Aztec […]

Lost Peruvian Huaca Pintada and its 1,000-Year-Old Mural Rediscovered

The last time anyone saw this Peruvian Huaca Pintada was over a century ago. Now, a team of intrepid archaeology students and their professor have painstakingly rediscovered the lost 1,000-year-old mural which they say provides evidence for the development and evolution of an ancient Peruvian cultural phenomenon. The legendary Peruvian Huaca is a 30-metre-high (98.42 […]

Ivanka Trump’s Family Is Making Egypt Great Again

U.S.- Egyptian cultural ties are strengthened as Ivanka Trump’s family explores the crumbling pyramids, temples and tombs of the Nile River.  This week brought news of “hundreds” of mummies dated from the 6th to 11th century BC being found in tunnels beneath King Teti’s pyramid in Saqqara, Egypt. Furthermore, archaeologists also identified a lost pyramid […]

Mummification Had Nothing to Do With Preservation, Claims Exhibit

For over a century archaeologists and teachers have taught students that ancient Egyptians mummified corpses to “preserve” their bodies. Now, a disruptive new museum exhibit in the UK is set to reveal this as an entirely wrong and dogmatic assumption. A quick Google search on the word “ mummification” took me to an article from […]

Attention-Seeker Treks Over Forbidden Mexican Pyramid

A Mexican woman who climbed up an ancient Maya pyramid was immediately fined by authorities. However, enraged visitors threw water and pulled the hair of the so-called “Lady Chichen Itza”. This story is about a childish, attention-seeking 29-year-old Mexican woman who last Sunday went J-walking up the steps of the Pyramid of Kukulcán in Tinum, […]

Scottish Detectorists Swoop Over 8,000 Medieval Coins

Metal detectorists in Scotland have unearthed thousands of 13th and 14th century coins. Dubbed the Dunscore hoard, this amazing find is the largest hoard of medieval coins to have been discovered in Scotland in the last two centuries. The countryside surrounding Dunscore, a Scottish village where the hoard of medieval coins was discovered. (Iain Thompson […]