Huge and Extremely Ancient Intact Canoe Recovered From Swiss Lake

In 2021, using a small plane, a team of Swiss archaeologists surveyed Lake Neuchâtel and spotted an unusual geometric shape in the water. Now, a well-preserved and intact 2,500-year-old wooden canoe has been recovered from the depths. Lake Neuchâtel, situated in western Switzerland, has been inhabited for thousands of years by a host of diverse […]

UN Heritage Listing in Palestine Sparks Israeli Discontent

At a recent UN conference, the 12,000-year-old Tell es-Sultan archaeological site near Jericho, on the West Bank, was listed as a World Heritage Site “in Palestine.” This decision angered Israeli heritage bosses, who do not recognize Palestine as a state. The Tell es-Sultan archaeological site is located near Jericho, on the West Bank, in a […]

Medieval Palace Unearthed: Archaeologists Swarm Scottish Borders

Thirty years ago, a dowser identified lines of stones beneath a harvested field outside the village of Ancrum, in the Scottish Borders. Now, a team of archaeologists and students from around the world are excavating the site, which turns out to be a lost medieval bishop’s palace. Located in the Scottish Borders near Jedburgh, and […]

Workers Who Ripped Shortcut Through China’s Great Wall Detained

Two construction workers arrived at an opening in the Great Wall of China, but their excavator was too big to pass through. Rather than traveling further and going around, the pair ripped apart the global icon of pre-history, to make a shortcut! Having been conceived and founded by Emperor Qin Shi Huang , in the […]

Unidentified Object Off U.S. Coast: A 17th-Century Submersible?

For centuries, an unidentified disc-shaped object recovered off the Florida coast was presumed to be a 17th-century cauldron. Now, it appears that experts may have finally discovered its true nature. Could this artifact be a 17th-century diving bell, ingeniously employed in the perilous quest to salvage treasure from a sunken Spanish galleon? The mysterious copper […]

Huge Neolithic Cursus Linked with Isle of Arran’s Sacred Stones Revealed

In August this year, within the rugged southwest of Scotland’s Isle of Arran, researchers began excavating an ancient ceremonial monument dating back to between 4000 and 3000 BC. With its original purpose shrouded in mystery, the ancient Neolithic cursus whispers of the forgotten rites and cultural traditions of Scotland’s first farmers. The remarkably well-preserved Arran […]

2000-Year-Old Child’s Leather Shoe Found in Austrian Salt Mine

This is not the first time German archaeologists have recovered well-preserved shoes from the Dürrnberg salt mine in Austria. However, what is a first, is the remarkable discovery of a child’s shoe, dating all the way back to the Iron Age. Since 2001, the  German Mining Museum Bochum , a Leibniz Research Museum specializing in Georesources, […]

Attention Seeker Destroys Ancient Monument And Posts Act On Facebook

It is disheartening to read about another Bronze Age cup and ring marked stone being destroyed in Wales. However, this story reaches a new level of repugnancy, because the 52-year-old-vandal filmed himself destroying the 4,500 years old standing stone, and he posted it on social media for likes. Filming oneself destroying archaeology is an act […]

Medieval Roman Colony Found in Nola: Hub of Arts & Crafts

An epic medieval archaeological site has emerged on Nola’s outskirts! Italian heritage authorities have excitedly announced that a recently discovered center of craft production and trade might “rewrite” the city’s history. Dating back to the eighth century BC, Nola was originally founded as a Roman colony in the Campania region of southern Italy. The site […]

Ancient Jade Ring Found on Young Sacrificed Mayan Who Was Buried in a Jar

Amidst the enigmatic enclave of El Tigre in Mexico, archaeologists have unearthed the skeleton of a young, sacrificed Mayan with a large jade ring . Glowing in its muddy grave the bright-green ancient relic whispers of bygone rituals that once wove existence and demise into an intricate choreography of transcendence. The National Institute of Anthropology […]