Corsair is here welcome to my new video . Apollo 12 was the second manned lunar landing mission and one of its goals was to recover hardware from the Surveyor-3 probe that had landed two years earlier. They wanted to see what the lunar environment did to something that was exposed to the surface.” Astronomer Seth Shostak detailed to viewers why NASA was interested in leaving hardware on the Moon. It was an important experiment because if you’re ever going to build a base on the Moon, you need to know if dust will get into everything. But What about the fact there is no air, what about the temperature? But scientists back on Earth soon got a shock. 10 days later they return, carrying with them the equipment recovered from Surveyor-3. When scientists examine the camera, they find something disturbing.They find something alive on the camera that’s been on the surface of the Moon for two years. So is life everywhere on our solar system?


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