Corsair is here welcome to my new video An orbiting spacecraft has picked up a phenomenon that, until now at least, had only been seen on Earth. When the astronauts look back at our planet from the International Space Station, they will sometimes see a unusual green glow – the result of oxygen atoms being excited by the light from the Sun.Now, for the first time, this same glow has been identified on Mars as well.The observation was made using the Trace Gas Orbiter spacecraft, which was built and launched as part of a collaboration between Roscosmos and the European Space Agency. It’s worth emphasizing that the phenomenon is separate to the auroras seen in the northern and southern skies of Earth – these are produced when charged particles from the Sun accelerate along the field lines of Earth’s magnetic field and interact with the gas atoms in its atmosphere. The green glow, by contrast, occurs due to the interaction between oxygen atoms and sunlight. It’s a nice result for the mars somehow oxygen percent on mars is keep increasing. These emissions are the consequence of collisions between atmospheric molecules and charged particles that are racing away from the Sun. On Earth, this type of interaction is heavily influenced by our planet’s strong magnetic field, which pulls those particles down on to the poles. My personal opinion is mars is our future home planet an am %100 sure that there is life everywhere there on mars.


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