We were on a cruise ship approximately 3 hours out of long beach california. Sighted two glowing orbs and one beneath the surface of the water. We were on the cruise ship carnival panorama, returning to long beach from the Mexican rivera. We were approximately 3 hours from docking when I awoke at a few minutes after 4 a.m. to relieve myself. We were in a balcony cabin on the eighth floor. Returning to bed I decided to look out the cabin curtains (which were closed) to see if I could see the lights of the city. When I pulled them back, I couldn’t believe my eyes, there were two glowing orbs holding relatively steady fairly close to level with our cabin. I opened the balcony doors to get a better view and they slowly started to move towards the front of the ship. They appeared to be less than a hundred yards from the ship. I hollered at my wife ” holy crap, do you believe in ufo’s” fortunately she was awake (probably from my getting up). She came to the balcony and observed them as they slowly moved towards the front of the ship, they appeared to rise a little and passed almost level with the bridge of the ship.

The orb on the right moved hard right in a maneuver that was almost a 90 degree turn at high speed and then stopped and came back over the top of the other orb and then came back underneath and resumed station on the other. They then began a climbing right tun to the east and seemed to merge and then at a very high rate of speed vanished. To my estimate of size, they appeared to me to be between 5 and 10 feet in diameter, but distance is hard to estimate in the dark of the night. We thought that was the end of it and started to go back in the cabin, when I noticed a glow under the water approaching from behind the ship at a high rate of speed. I pointed it out to my wife and she became frightened at that point and exclaimed “oh my god”. the glowing object came up to about midship and stayed there for a few seconds and was clearly visible as a glowing orb under the sea. It then turned east for aways and then came back towards the ship, stopped circled around and then departed at a high rate of speed back the direction it came from. It was hard to estimate the size of this object as the depth it was at couldn’t be estimated. There was no surface disturbance, but the glow was clearly visible. The speed of these objects and the maneuvers they made were not something we are capable of.

I am a pilot myself. Needless to say, we did not get back to sleep. after talking we felt these objects were checking out the ship for whatever reason. We were close but I never felt threatened, more amazed than anything. I can’t believe the bridge crew did not observe these things as they passed by level with the bridge. We went from sceptics, by passed believers, straight to I firmly know in a few short minutes. It was an amazing, incredible encounter for us. We don’t claim to know what these objects are, but we now know there are things beyond our comprehension that are clearly directed by unknown intelligence. Additional observation is that the light of the orbs seemed to be kind of a haze or moving, kind of like translucent. hard to describe, also, there was no sound that we could hear.

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