MAY 16, 2013………….SIDARI GREECE

My family and I were on holiday in the Kanali Hotel Apartments in Sidari, Corfu, Greece. At between 1800hrs and 1810hrs I observed a disc like object hovering with bit of a wobble. I was standing on the balcony of our Apartment on the third floor looking Northeast toward Albania, the mountains of which could easily be seen. The sun was reflecting off the craft which drew my attention. It was approximately a mile away at an angle of about 50 ft above the surface of the sea. The craft itself was disc shaped like two plates on top of one another with one inverted. However in between the two plates was a section divided into squares which would go around the circumference on the craft. Each square was then divided by two diagonal lines. I was entranced by the object being mad on aircraft since a boy. I knew it was exotic. My wife was next to me talking to our neighbours, a man, a lady and their teenage daughter. I wanted to get a better look and went to get my binoculars rather than drawing anyone’s attention to it. No one else mentioned it. I told the wife who looked who just My wife is a counsellor and can be very diplomatic. Later that evening while reading in bed late at night on my kindle, I was facing the double patio doors which our bed faced.

There was the sound of the door sliding open which was weird because it was the opposite side to where the handle was. The curtain was then grabbed by very skinny arm with elongated fingers each with a short pointed fingernail at the end. A head then appeared looking right at me with huge almond shaped eyes which were black with no eyelids, almost no nose and a slit for a mouth. The colour was greybrown and couldn’t of been more than 4ft tall. It was a typical grey alien. I was freaked! Paralysed with fear as you can imagine. Eventually after some time I got the courage to look out the patio door. Nothing was out there and nothing unusual could be seen in the sky. I went back to bed and eventually fell asleep. In the morning i discussed this with the wife, who said I was probably dreaming, it was my birthday I had been drinking, one pint of local larger and one shot of 3star Metaxa brandy. It is possible that it reacted with my diabetic medication. I’ve only told a few close friends and family. Feeling I might be ridiculed. I know my aircraft being a bit of a nerd and know it wasn’t a mid identification. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









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