00:00:00 Images of God
00:25:20 Coincidence of opposites
1:08:49 Seeing through the net
1:56:05 Myth of myself
2:37:51 Mans in nature
3:32:24 Symbols and meaning
3:57:13 Limits of language

“Behind the father image, behind the mother image, behind the image of light and accessible, behind the image of profound and abysmal darkness beyond all conception whatsoever, there is something else which we can’t conceive at all..” (The Image of God)

” It is very commonly said that the root of most unhappiness is the sense as if one’s life has no meaning..” (coincidence of opposite)

” One moment you feel like you are a puppet, you are just on the end of a string, the next minute you suddenly realise that everything that you are aware of is inside your brain – so it’s all you (Seeing through the net)

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