Corsair is here welcome to my new video . Ever since man first began exploring the cosmos and traveling to the Moon, we’ve been searching for evidence of whether or not alien life exists in the universe. But how can we prove the existence of extraterrestrial life beyond the Earth? According to Harvard astronomy professor Abraham Loeb, the first place we need to look for life is on the surface of the Moon. While skeptics may try to suggest that Moon rocks and other debris brought back by NASA missions to the Moon would have already yielded evidence of alien life from the surface of the Moon, Loeb counters such arguments by reminding readers that the Moon rocks returned to Earth were likely contaminated by human hands and are therefore not a good indicator of what might actually exist or once existed there .Once we have samples to examine perhaps at a lab located directly on the Moon? we can then begin to find markers which will tell us what came eons ago, The opportunity to discover signs of extraterrestrial life provides a new scientific incentive for a sustainable base on the lunar surface. The moon is well known for its romantic appeal, but astrobiology offers a twist on this notion. Here’s hoping that the moon will inform our civilization that we are not alone and that someone else is waiting for us out there. Thank you for watching don’t forget to put a like and subscribe to my channel corsair out .


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