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There are five traits that make you not only more attractive to other people, but also feel more confident on the inside. And in this video I’m gonna show you exactly what those traits are, how you can apply them in your life and how you can completely magnetize your energy field in a very powerful way.

Now, the first thing to realize when it comes to attraction and also having magnetic energy, is that the energy you feel on the inside is being projected out and other people are feeling that. So when it comes to attractiveness and people perceiving you as attractive and even feeling confidence this has to do with understanding that how you feel about you is what other people feel.

And at the same time this is a game of really reducing the resistance inside the body to accept yourself, to feel at your best, because in a way ironed out the things that maybe you thought made your flaws.

So for this I wanna share kind of my own journey through this process as well of confidence and the feeling of having magnetic energy. Because I think it’ll help kind of like set the tone for maybe a process you may be going through.

Now the first thing for this trait that I wanna share is one that completely transformed my life. And that was understanding the power of vulnerability. Now vulnerability is the ability to show and to share the aspects of yourself that normally you may try to close down.

Now growing up I think I had a lot of shame. A shame is the belief or a feeling that says I’m not enough. There’s something wrong with me. And what happens is if we have shame, some of us may have shame that came from childhood of like people pleasing or nice guy syndrome.

And what those really are, those are ways that we try to hide our own shame. There’s a belief that says I’m broken or something wrong with me. And the idea is if I can get everyone else to like me and everyone else to approve of me, then I’ll feel like I’m good enough.

And there’s actually like more as well. There’s like a desire to find safety in other people. And for a long time I would feel everyone else’s emotions. It’d be very challenging for me to say no to other people. Boundaries are very hard to set.

And a lot of that was due to not wanting other people to feel tension. Other people to feel
like resistance about me, because I was so in tune with everybody else that if I didn’t have
someone else’s approval, I didn’t feel like I was approved or I didn’t feel like I had that validation.

And the secret to this and why this changed everything, was when I started to show the real me and I started to get vulnerable with other people, there was a whole different level of attraction that came in.

For a long time I felt blocked when it came to dating. And one of the reasons being is cause I felt like I had to be somebody else other than who I really was. Once I started to really be myself and give myself permission to express myself in a very vulnerable way, it changed everything.

Even vulnerability think about it, with being a nice guy or of a people pleaser. If we are doing that, we’re trying to hide the shame and we’re avoiding rejection. We’re avoiding someone else to disapprove of us.

And I live so much of my life trying to get other people to feel a certain way about me, to think a certain way about me that the vulnerability was when I finally started to show who I really was knowing that I could get rejected and what that meant also for the nice guy people pleaser thing, was that I actually when I would go on dates, I would actually express how I felt and what my true like desires were.

Instead of just being like that friend zone energy, because that felt safe. So vulnerability is the ability to express the real you. It’s the ability to go up to somebody that you like and ask them out.

Vulnerability is the ability to set boundaries with somebody, knowing that they may not approve or may not like that you’d set boundaries with them. Is the ability to say no. Vulnerability is the courage and the acceptance you have about yourself, knowing that the more vulnerable you are, the more you show your heart.

Vulnerable literally means wound and ability is the ability. So it’s the ability to go into your wound and to show your true self. The aspects of yourself that a lot of times you feel will get rejected by other people.

And it’s interesting out of everything I share on YouTube, the more vulnerable I am with people, the more vulnerable I am with my YouTube videos, it’s like it resonates with
people at a different level.


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