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There is a huge energy shift coming. And in this video, I’m gonna show it to you, so, a huge energy shift is coming. And it is absolutely necessary that we align with who we came here to be, align with this new energy, or we’re gonna get left behind.

We’re gonna get left behind on a reality where it’s hard for us to set boundaries, a reality where there’s a lotta crazy stuff going on in the world. And in a reality where we feel like we are the cameo in other people’s movies, rather than being the star in our own movie.

So this is something that I recently talked to with somebody named Bracha. Bracha is a world-renowned astrologer, who shared with me in a recent podcast episode I did, that in the next couple months, there’s something she calls a energetic surprise coming.

The surprise is something, and let me also just pave the way a little bit to understand this idea. She said, back in 2015, that in January of 2020 there would be a huge energy shift. And guess what happened in January to February of 20 and 20? I’m sure you guys know what that was. And the whole world shifted. And this same, similar, I don’t think it necessarily needs to be negative, but there’s a big energy shift that is coming that she says will be here in around June or July.

So it’s something that we must become aware of, and I did some more research on this. And I started looking into it. And there’s five things I think if we do changes everything. Now the first thing. We need to realize, with this energy is that what is coming is going. The energy we are feeling right now is a change in frequency that is happening on the planet.

It is something the book The Law of One mentions. Something Bachar talks a lot about. Something a lot of old ancient wisdom has talked about, the shifting from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, which is what we’re movin’ into. And what is happening is based on this energy shift, what we must do is we must align with the version of us that we prefer to be, understanding that the energy elevation that is happening is bringing up stuff for us to look at, to then let go of.

So realize that in the moment, it may feel very intense. You might have a lot of negative synchronicity coming up. You might have a lot of confusion comin’ up, you might feel stuck, you might feel blocked, you might feel frustrated. But just understand that if you allow yourself to feel it, you can allow yourself to heal it.

This is something that is also talked a lot about in something called plant medicine. If you’ve ever had plant medicine before, it’s something like ayahuasca or matshuma, some call it San Pedro. There’s moments where it’s very intense. And it’s always good to emember, even when you’re doin’ aya.
It’s gonna sound kind of even more intense but you might do something like that and then find yourself purging. Purging could be yawning, could be sneezing, could be a whole bunch of other stuff, (laughs) puking. But when you remember and you remind yourself that what is coming is going, it then allows you to naturally raise your vibration because you’re not resisting it.

And I’ve had moments over the last even couple months where I feel a certain way, I have a certain level of anxiety come up, or I feel kind of sad, ’cause of (laughs) the dopamine that I might flood through my system when I’m watchin’ different shows at night. Or somethin’ like that, you know, I could feel, sometimes, the pull of goin’ into TikTok or Instagram, and then afterwards, I feel kinda numb sometimes, you know? But when I remember, and I become present with myself, and I have the awareness that what’s coming is going it makes it so many easier to dissolve the energy.

Because when you’re not resisting it, it then allows it to transform. But when we think there’s something wrong, that’s when we remain stuck. And sometimes that’s all stuck is. Stuck is a emotion or a feeling or an attachment to a belief that we are stuck, and therefore we keep
experiencing a reality that is equal to us feeling stuck, it’s because we keep telling ourselves that same story, over and over again.

Now, with this process that we’re going through, when I say five things we must do. Let’s understand this as well, this is something Bashar has talked about a lot.


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