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People feel what you feel about you. So when you let go of the insecurities of any type of neediness and certain type of labels and beliefs about yourself, you will find that you naturally start to become more magnetic.

You naturally start to become more attractive. You naturally start to become more confident. And that’s exactly what I’m gonna share with you how to do in this video. The number one thing to let go of in this process is neediness. The energy of neediness is an energy that says, if I need something, therefore I energetically lack it.

And when people are in a needy type energy, it is an energy that is emphasizing a part of ourselves that we haven’t really maybe attuned to or healed like our inner child. And therefore we’re looking for what we didn’t receive when we were younger on the outside.

So if you ever noticed this, that the more you want someone to do something, the more you want someone’s validation, the more you want someone’s approval the less likely they are
to actually give it to you. And maybe you’ve found that before, if you wanted someone’s validation or text message or whatever it is, it’s almost like the more you want, the more you energetically push away.

Now, the reason being is remember, people can feel what you feel about you. So if on the inside you’re feeling that lack, you’re feeling that not enoughness. Then what is happening is they are feeling that off of you. And they’re literally responding to you in that way. So the key to this and the key to transforming this is letting go of the neediness.

And the way you let go of the neediness is you become aware of the validation that you may want on the outside. And you start to validate the self. You start to validate your own emotions. You start to validate your own sense of approval. And one way you do that
is just by simply becoming aware of these things.

Awareness is 90% of all transformation. I became aware within myself of the validation I was seeking on the outside, and this was happening via YouTube channel, me trying to create more people to look at my content. And I could tell that on the inside, it was hard to look at but there was an aspect of myself that felt like a lot of people didn’t believe in me
when I started on YouTube.

A lot of people even growing up like I didn’t really get the approval of maybe my dad or different people in my family. So my mentality’s, I’m gonna prove people wrong and I’m gonna do it. And then I would start to do it. I would start to get this sense of validation.
I want more and more of it, but it was coming from a needy energy.

And once I started to let go of carrying what people thought started to let go of people’s other people’s approval. And I started to give myself approval, and I started to really settle
into my own body in that way, everything began to change.

So letting go of neediness is letting go of the desire we have for outside approval. Knowing we can only really validate from within. We can only really have that approval from within. So a lot of what you’re gonna hear in these letting go processes that I share today that I think will completely change your life is it has to do with something called reframing.

It means reframing meaning, reframing the meaning. Maybe you gave it the meaning that someone else’s approval or validation with something that you enjoy or something that’s good for you. And you realize that actually, I’m gonna internalize this.

And it’s more about how I approve of myself. So you’re reframing what it means to get approval and remember, everything in our reality has zero built in meaning other than the meaning we give it.

And when we are attached to different things it is because we are attached to the meaning. We are attached to what it means to us. If we’re attached to approval and validation it’s because we believe that means that if we have that, we can be happy.

We could be safe because maybe we didn’t get it growing up. So the second thing to
let go of in this process of becoming more confident is letting go of your insecurities. And the thing is is remember, people feel what we feel about us. So if we feel insecure about a freckle, an eye color, a height, you feel insecure about anything.

The thing that makes it unattractive is the energy on the inside, which isn’t accepting of what you feel about you. So one of the most incredible things I’ve seen people do
is literally reframe their own insecurities, reframe it, give it a new meaning.


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