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When people don’t set boundaries with the universe, they end up getting a lot of what they don’t want, and they find it very challenging to get more of what they do want. So if you want to learn how to get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want, this video is for you.

I’m gonna show you the magic of setting boundaries with the universe, why it’s so important and three easy steps to doing so that will absolutely transform your life. So first off with setting boundaries, understand that having boundaries displays and shows value. So think about it.

Somebody that doesn’t feel valuable, someone that doesn’t feel worthy, normally has a lot of trouble setting boundaries. This is someone that may turn into a people pleaser, where they’re trying to please everyone around them. This is somebody that has trouble saying no.

And this is somebody that normally will let people walk all over them. A lot of times, this is
somebody that also feels like they always have to over-explain themselves. And it’s almost like in a way the energy field is kind of leaky. Think about it. Think of the skin on your body is the boundary between you and the external world. When people have trouble setting boundaries, it’s like they’re getting pulled in many different directions.

They’re tuning themselves to other people. And it’s almost like you feel like you’re a leaf in the wind. And with the universe it’s a similar type thing. If we don’t set boundaries within ourself, the universe is going to mirror back and send us a whole bunch of situations that may not really resonate with us.

And also situations is that kind of prove to us that we don’t have our own power. So back just a couple years, even like two years ago and still to this day, there’s different levels of
boundaries that I’m learning, but one person that is amazing at setting boundaries in my life is actually my assistant.

She’s also my friend, her name’s Ayla. She’s amazing. She’s been with me for a year, and I have learned one thing she is just amazing at is setting boundaries with people without feeling guilty. For example, here’s something funny that happened. So I just moved into this new house. Okay, now, when it comes to boundaries, and the first thing that I say with this, and the first thing before I get too much in to it, just so it’s two minutes in and I haven’t even revealed the first one.

So what is it? But it’s learning to speak your truth. It’s learning to speak your truth. And when you are able to speak your truth, it completely changes the energy and it’s also more authentic.

Now, let me give you the example of this. Right in this spot, actually, this happened. So this is the new house that I just moved into. It’s beautiful. I love it. And my assistant flew in
and helped move the whole entire house with the whole moving crew of eight people.

She was managing them, showing things where to go, stuff like that. Now, there was this one guy on the crew who, when I came to this house, when I came here, I was here to help Ayla show where things go. I’m like, “Oh, the bookcases go over there. The couches go here,” stuff like that. Some of it she figured out, most of it actually, but anyways, what happened was there was this one guy on the crew that just kept talking to us.

They’re all moving stuff. And there was this one guy who just kept talking, kept asking us questions. Not where stuff goes, but he kept talking about tequila and all this other stuff. And I should throw a house party once I move in, and he should be invited and like all of this stuff. And we’re just crazy focused on getting stuff and having people move in, move this over, move this over there. And he kept talking to us, and I was like, “Damn, this guy just does not stop talking. He just needs to keep working or something like that.”

Because he’s throwing us off; He’s throwing Ayla and I off. And she’s talking to the guy that owns the company that was here too, nice guy. And basically, what she says is, normally, sometimes with me, to just say, “Dude, you need to stop talking and just work, ’cause I didn’t wanna be the bad guy, I guess.”

Eric, the guy that owns the company, said something to her. She’s like, “And he needs to stop socializing over there.” She just bluntly said it. She’s like, “He needs to stop socializing over there because he’s throwing us off, and we have to get all this stuff done.”

And that was her way of setting the boundary. And after that, it was all good. The alternative to that would’ve been we say, oh, we just kind of put it to the side. He keeps trying to talk to us. ‘Cause every two or three minutes, he’d ask us questions and try talking to us. And it was hard to focus on something.


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