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This video is going to show you the most powerful confidence secrets that will change your life from the inside out. So if you’re feeling doubt, if you’re feeling blocked, if you’re feeling like you don’t believe in yourself, then simply apply these things I share with you because it will completely change your life.

Now, the first one to understand about courage, about confidence in general, is that the energy you embody, the energy you are feeling, is emanating out and other people are feeling it.

So many times, if we feel like we’re not confident on ourselves, that energy’s going out,
people are feeling it, and people are simply responding to us based on the energy we are embodying.

Now, an interesting thing I’ve done by looking at my own life is there were certain points in my life when I just made a choice and I just decided that I was a new version of myself.

I remember distinctly in freshman year of high school. I, prior to that, literally thought that I was not smart. I thought I was pretty dumb. I got C’s and D’s. I never really got A’s or B’s. And there was one moment that I remember that completely changed it.

And I think that this microcosm will help you understand the macrocosm of confidence. So what happened is in English class, I got a good grade on a certain test. And I remember specifically the teacher came over to me and was like, “Wow, you did really well.”

I got like a 92% and it surprised me. And she said, in that moment she gave me the paper, that I was one of the top persons that scored on that test in the whole class. And in that moment, I just simply started to see myself as a smart person.

I started to see myself at the top of the class. It changed my sense of self-identity. From that moment going forward, I went from D’s and C’s to A’s and B’s. And it came easy to me because something changed on my self image.

Something changed and it was simply a meaning, a choice that I made that completely changed the way that I saw myself. So realize that our lives, and just lives in general, we are constantly deciding who we are and what we are capable of.

And if we are feeling not confident in something, all that simply means is we have some type of past meaning that is there, normally handed from our parents or from childhood, that is on autopilot, that we can begin to look at and we can reframe.

We can give it a new meaning. So which meanings have maybe you got from your dad or your mom? I noticed that I, sometimes it’s easier, when you’re looking outside looking in,
because you’re not inside the bottle.

It’s hard to read the ingredients if you’re inside the bottle. And for my own life, what I’ve done is I’ve looked at my dad’s confidence, my mom’s confidence. And I look at their confidence and I see where have I maybe absorbed certain things from them.

Not in a way, like, I blame you for this, or I blame you for that. But we tend to carry similar patterns and similar energies that our parents may have.

So by looking at them, it’s sometimes easier to see what’s in theirs. Then we can kinda see what’s in ours, and for my dad, I could see he’s a total nice guy, kind of a people pleaser.

And I can see how my dad had a certain, my dad has confidence in his job. My dad’s a fire investigator, he’s very good at it. He’s got a lot of confidence when it comes to his job, but in his dating life, I could see that there’s some confidence that he can work on, that he can become more aware of.

And I could see that, so then I’m able to look at myself and say, oh, in my own life, especially back in the past, I had more confidence in my purpose of making YouTube videos and stuff but less confidence in the relationship sector of my life.

And then that allowed me to start looking at that, and it was a similar thing for my mom.
I could see how there are certain characteristics that I absorbed and I could tell that if I could reframe them and look at them in a new way, it would completely change the energy dynamic and the way I was showing up in the world.

Now, the second confidence secret. So the first one’s becoming aware of the meaning
and choosing to give things new meaning, just making a choice about your identity, the way you show up in the world, knowing people are simply responding to the way you are either training them to respond to you or the way you’re showing up.

Now, one of the most powerful things that I’ve learned, that has helped me to really embody confidence, and maybe you look at my videos and sometimes people say, “How does Aaron know what he knows?


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