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If you are an introvert and you watch this video, you will be more magnetic, you’ll give yourself more permission to unleash your true energy, you’ll own it more and people will literally respond to you differently if you apply what I share with you in this video.

Now, when it comes to introverts and extroverts, let’s understand first off what the difference is so that we can then see what the secrets are of this because if you,
maybe you’ve been on dates before with people, maybe you’ve seen people with different types of energy.

And sometimes I don’t know if it’s in social media or if it’s in like movies and stuff, but we’ll have this belief that like you have to be really outgoing and talkative in order to be attractive.

And I will tell you from seeing, working with so many thousands of people in my challenges that I do, my magnetic love challenges and other challenges, I will tell you that when people start to own their own energy and they start to really give themselves permission to be whatever is authentic to them, which a lot of times isn’t talking and blabbing all the time, that there’s a very attractive energy to it.

Many of these people then feel different about themselves and that leaks out into the people they meet in their lives. Now, first off, what is the difference between extroversion and introversion?

Now in general, extroversion is people that are extroverted, very loud and outgoing, but really what it means when I was talking to my shadow work integration coach, he explained it to me and extroverts draw energy from the external, so it’s almost like the more they’re talking, the more they’re interacting with other people, the more energized they feel, whereas a lot of times for introverts that would actually drain them.

I know for me, even though I look like an extrovert maybe because of how I talk, I can be an extrovert in certain situations, but I definitely gain more energy from being introverted.

So introversion is more so you gain energy from being in your own energy and from the inside out. So understanding that maybe an introvert doesn’t gain the energy, doesn’t take the energy from the environment and use that and need that in order to feel energized, that’s a different way of looking at introversion versus extraversion.

Now understand this about attraction, whatever you feel about you is projected out and
other people feel that. So sometimes what happens with shy people or introverted people is they feel like they shouldn’t be shy, they feel like they shouldn’t be quiet, they feel like there’s something wrong with them.

Maybe they go to a party and it’s like they feel like they have to try to engage with every single person there versus just being themselves even if that means being quiet sometimes.

So the first secret and magnetic secret for introverts that will completely transform your life is simply learning to own your own introversion, accept it about yourself, there’s nothing wrong with it.

The more you accept it for yourself, the more other people will see and value it in you. Some of my best friends are introverts. My friend Victor is very much an introvert.

And the cool thing about him is him and I are like best friends, and one of the reasons it works out so well is actually I do sometimes talk a lot and he doesn’t talk as much as I do so there’s more polarity, there’s more balance there to where it’s not just us talking all the time.

It’s interesting how it works, but I’ll tell you, I’ve seen Victor go through his own transformation with this where he used to feel like, we do these retreats in Costa Rica, and at these retreats, it’s like, they’re like a week long, sometimes he would feel obligated, like I have to be extroverted and I have to go out and talk to people and then he would feel drained because he was trying to be a way that wasn’t natural for him.

But then something interesting happened a couple retreats ago. We do these retreats like three times a year, something switched like two retreats ago.

He started to just accept the way he was and he would sometimes be in the big group, we’d be talking and then he would just go off and just chill by himself for a little bit without needing to give explanation, without feeling guilty.

And when he came back, he had more energy because he owned it. He wasn’t feeling self-conscious about it.

He wasn’t feeling like there was something wrong. And he started, and I told him this too and so did some other people, it’s like when he speaks, it has so much power because he’s not speaking so damn much.


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