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In this video, I’m gonna show you the three easy ways to get it so where you have irresistible energy, so that people don’t leave you. Once we let go of the belief that we are replaceable, a lot in our life begins to change, and in this video, I’m gonna show you the three ways as to how to actually do that.

The first way, and the first thing to realize about this when it comes to having irresistible energy is think of even the word itself of irresistible. Irresistible has the word resist on it, and when we get out of our own way and release the resistance within our own energy field, we will have more magnetic energy.

Think about it. If you’re with somebody and you are irresistible, it means, they literally do not have resistance about you. Now, remember when it comes to attracting love, and when it comes to energy, in general, this is about what you feel about you, and our outer reality is simply mirroring back to us that which we believe to be true about ourselves.

So, in my own life what I found is that when I had this block to where I literally believed
that just people were gonna leave me, and that happened a lot, I had people that weren’t
choosing me, you know.

If I was dating someone, it was like I felt like I wasn’t chosen, and it was something that was a reoccurring theme in my life, where I would be with somebody for a period of time, and then they would either lose interest, and it was like, there was like some level of dopamine that would be inside the relationship, and for a while that would work, but then eventually it was, like, I would lose my own center of gravity.

And I think what would happen too, is I would bend myself so much for other people. It was like my sense of self-worthiness was low, so I was like, oh, well, in order to have this love, in order to continue to have this relationship, I have to bend backwards, I have to change the way that I am.

And it was like a, there was a self-fulfilling belief there that just stated, like, I’m not worthy. I’m not good enough. So, I’d find myself bending myself and really creating a lot of unnecessary resistance in my relationships, But I would have it to where people would literally leave me.

And what I eventually did, is I eventually had to look at the roots of this because they say, that the patterns we experience after a certain age, especially like seven years old, between two and seven, we have these things that happen to us that are different energetic patterns, that then we recreate if we don’t heal it many times throughout our lives.

So, between two to seven years old my guess is if you clicked on this video you may have had some level of either physical or emotional abandonment from your parents or from someone in your life where somebody maybe wasn’t emotionally or physically present for you, and then the meaning, the story on the inside is, I must not be worthy.

There must be something wrong with me, and what then happens is that autopilot belief
and meaning is something that then we go through childhood, or after childhood, we go through our relationships and we continue to keep attracting people that mirror back that belief.

So, when we talk about this level, in general, because the way this video is, is three easy ways to become irresistible, realize that this is about really getting to the core of the problem and the core of the problem, at least for me, and for a lot of people I notice
that I’ve seen, that I’ve coached is that there’s an abandonment wound there, and here’s the tricky thing about the abandonment wound.

As being afraid of being abandoned and being afraid of being rejected, is because we already felt rejected or abandoned between two and seven years old, and what ends up happening is we then abandon ourselves to make everyone else happy, but that’s not irresistible.

That’s not attractive, and that eventually loses polarity. I lost a lot of polarity in my relationships because I was bending myself, and as the masculine presence, you’re meant to be grounded and still and solid. So, eventually what I had to do is I had to look at this wound, this childhood wound, and see, oh little Aaron didn’t feel acknowledged.

Maybe that’s why I created a YouTube channel and wanted so many, you know, like was really focused on adding as much value out in the world, and growing my YouTube channel was to fill that significant wound.

And at the same time, the abandonment wound where I realized that I was attracting people that weren’t choosing me because I wasn’t choosing me, the real me. I wasn’t living to my values. I wasn’t, like, honoring myself and my boundaries and not allowing people to treat me in different ways or leaving relationships when it wasn’t balanced in that way.


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