The Facts Of Our Lives RED PLANET AND THE GIANTS Red Planet and Giants are not Internet Hoax..They Real…. Cozumel Mexico Webcam Capture Image Do you see how close the Giant Planets are to our earth? All the telescopes in the world, sees these planets. But there are censorships imposed by states all over the […]

2,000-Year-Old Roman ‘Wow Glass’ Morphs Into Something Beautiful

Two millennia ago, delicate glass vessels that potentially served as containers for wine, water, exotic fragrances in ancient Rome, shattered and met their untimely demise. They found their way into the layers of the earth, going through the environmental changes that accompany erosion and corrosion, subject to humidity, temperature, mineral exposure, amongst others. In their […]

Could A New War Erupt Between Armenia And Azerbaijan?

According to Nikol Pashinyan, the prime minister of Armenia, on September 1, the Azerbaijani military forces launched another provocation, which could erupt between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Must Watch: Would you live on 3D Printed Mars for a year for $60,000? The protracted dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Karabakh is on the verge of developing […]

David Icke speaking in Cardiff on Friday – Kingston on Saturday is sold out like every event on the Secret Tour so far … Cardiff tickets and other venues here …

Follow us down the rabbit hole for an unparalleled experience with David Icke,   ‘The Secret Tour’ David Icke is a British author, public speaker, conspiracy and reality researcher, and former footballer. He has gained a massive global following for his controversial views on a wide range of topics. Icke started his career as a professional […]

Chamber of Digital Commerce launches Digital Power Network miners’ coalition

Cryptocurrency miners have a new voice in Washington with the launch of the Digital Power Network (DPN), a new coalition affiliated with the Chamber of Digital Commerce. The network is off to a promising start, with many of the United States’ biggest miners on board. The DPN is the first affiliate of the Chamber, and […]

Official Narrative Demolished – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast – David Icke

Download the video here and share.  For tickets for David’s Secret Tour events click here … https://www.stargazeentertainment.co.uk/upcoming-events/david-icke David Icke takes on the news of the week and puts the headlines you’re reading into a wider context of what they mean in the big picture. Only in this news show do you hear what is happening, and […]