UN Heritage Listing in Palestine Sparks Israeli Discontent

At a recent UN conference, the 12,000-year-old Tell es-Sultan archaeological site near Jericho, on the West Bank, was listed as a World Heritage Site “in Palestine.” This decision angered Israeli heritage bosses, who do not recognize Palestine as a state. The Tell es-Sultan archaeological site is located near Jericho, on the West Bank, in a […]

SEC embroiled in court cases; Hester Peirce says crypto firms shouldn’t give up on US

Hester Peirce, one of five commissioners with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and an outspoken proponent of crypto, has urged lawmakers and regulators for clarity on digital assets. Speaking to Cointelegraph at the Permissionless II conference in Austin, Texas on Sept. 11, Peirce said she wouldn’t have expected the SEC to be […]

The UAP Narrative: Past & Present Media, Misinformation, and PR Tactics

@UAMNTV Explore Media and PR Strategies in UAP Narratives with Chrissy Newton, PR Expert and Podcaster. Discover past and present media coverage, government PR tactics, and misinformation campaigns in the world of UFOs. Chrissy Newton, founder of VOCAB Communications and renowned PR professional, shares her insights on The Debrief’s YouTube channel, alongside her podcast and […]

Episode 449 – How BlackRock Conquered the World

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed What is BlackRock? Where did this financial behemoth come from? How did it gain such incredible power over the world’s wealth? And how is it seeking to leverage that power in shaping the course of human civilization? Find out in this in-depth Corbett Report documentary on […]