Binance CEO responds to rumors, says US executive is ‘taking a deserved break’

Binance Holdings CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) has shot down speculation surrounding the departure of Binance.US CEO Brian Shroder, noting that he is “taking a deserved break” after a successful stint at the company.  Binance.US is a subsidiary of Binance Holdings, and the U.S. based exchange has seen a handful of other top executives recently step […]

Was New COVID Vaccine Booster Tested on Only 8 Mice? What We Know

According to the Food and Drug Administration, the new COVID-19 vaccine booster was tested on only eight mice. Must Watch: Would you live on 3D Printed Mars for a year for $60,000? Due to the fact that clinical trials were conducted on mice rather than humans, new COVID boosters that will be ready by the […]

CIA Offered Six Analysts Hush Money To Shut Them Up About COVID Lab Leak

According to the anonymous whistleblower who testified before the committee, the CIA offered six analysts hush money to shut them up about the COVID lab leak. Must Watch: Would you live on 3D Printed Mars for a year for $60,000? Six CIA analysts who came to the conclusion that Covid-19 originated from a lab in […]


The photo and enlargement below were taken by the HiRISE camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. It is the most powerful camera ever sent to another planet. The yellow arrow points to a busted box-like object within a field of scattered rocks on Mars. An enlargement of the object is shown to the right of it. […]

Medieval Palace Unearthed: Archaeologists Swarm Scottish Borders

Thirty years ago, a dowser identified lines of stones beneath a harvested field outside the village of Ancrum, in the Scottish Borders. Now, a team of archaeologists and students from around the world are excavating the site, which turns out to be a lost medieval bishop’s palace. Located in the Scottish Borders near Jedburgh, and […]

The Matrix Protocol: DMT, the Brain, and Consciousness Transfer Immersive Technology

@UAMNTV In this workshop, we explore the potential for transferring consciousness into alternate realities using the Induction-Immersion-Integration (III) Protocol. Delve into how the brain generates subjective worlds and its connection to external reality. Discover how DMT triggers brain channel switches to access hidden realities. Join the discussion on implementing the III Protocol in humans. A […]

Impossible Machine-Cut Stone Relics In India?

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