Artifacts Suggest Sorcerers Were At Work on the Pilgrimage Road to Mecca

[ad_1] Recent discoveries adjacent to the ancient Pilgrimage Road, known as Darb al-Hajj, have led researchers to suggest that Muslim pilgrims traveling from Cairo to Mecca around four centuries ago may have sought the services of professional sorcerers on their spiritual journey. Unearthed in the Eilat region of southern Israel, the 400-year-old artifacts believed to […]

How To Spot And Stop An Energy Vampire From Stealing Your Life Energy & Joy | Complete Empath Guide

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‘I saw Epstein shapeshift’ – Epstein-abused Juliette Bryant on the latest Ickonic Classified show with Richard Willett ‘The Dragon, the Island and the Butterfly’ – out Wednesday

[ad_1] We all know what happened above the surface of Epstein Island, but what happened below? The truth about what really happened on the Island cannot be covered up by $100k Cement Trucks. In this ground breaking interview Epstein Survivor tells her story in her own words, including revelations of possible cloning and waking up […]

200,000 Year-Old Tiled Floor In Oklahoma?

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