How GPS Works, And How It Got Better Than The Designers Ever Imagined

Civilian GPS was originally supposed to have a precision of 100meters, nowadays it’s good within 1 meter, and some small aircraft can use this precision to land entirely on autopilot. There’s a lot of things that made this possible, on one part new technology, and on the other simply removing road blocks. Follow me on […]

Gareth Icke Tonight | Ep23

[ad_1]  In this week’s compelling episode, we delve into a range of urgent issues with a lineup of remarkable guests. Scott Schara, a returning guest, updates us on his unyielding battle for justice on behalf of his daughter Grace. Cut short at the tender age of 19 due to a wrongly issued Do Not […]

A Master Craftsman Makes the Perfect Dagger (Video)

[ad_1] In Oman, the possession of a khanjar is a matter of tradition and pride for men. These curved daggers, tracing their origins to the 16th or 17th century, have evolved from mere weapons to exquisite symbols of cultural significance. Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Asia Videos History Ancient Traditions Read Later  [ad_2] Source link

Oliver Anthony Music On Joe Rogan Podcast & His Massive Rise To Fame: My Honest Reaction!

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Over 1,600 Scientists Sign ‘No Climate Emergency’ Declaration

[ad_1] A group of international scientists have come together to reject the idea of a climate crisis and argue that carbon dioxide (CO2) is actually good for the planet, going against the common alarming view. Must Watch: Would you live on 3D Printed Mars for a year for $60,000? “There is no climate emergency,” the […]