Misgendering trans people could become a HATE CRIME under Labour according to new report warning of ‘serious implications’ for free speech

[ad_1] Labour plans for tougher hate crime laws if they enter power could lead to criminal charges for misgendering trans people, a think tank warns today. The Institute of Economic Affairs suggested that proposals revealed in 2021 and reinforced more recently by Sir Keir Starmer create ‘serious implications’ for freedom of speech around trans rights, Speaking at […]

Slavoj Žižek • Are Catastrophes Virtual?

Wolf Humanities Center’s 2010-2011 Forum on Virtuality October 13, 2010 Slavoj Žižek Philosopher and Critical Theorist Threats of catastrophe have become a part of our daily life: ecological disasters, social unrest, financial collapse, biogenetic freaks, terrorist attacks. Cultural critic Slavoj Žižek, dubbed “the most dangerous philosopher in the West,” argues that the virtual aspects of […]

Watch Charlamagne tha God Get Pissed as Vivek Ramaswamy Calmly Reads Facts | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of “The Breakfast Club’s” Charlamagne tha God having his simplistic narrative about white supremacy utterly destroyed by Vivek Ramaswamy. WATCH the MEMBER-EXCLUSIVE segment of the show here: https://rubinreport.locals.com/ Check out the NEW RUBIN REPORT MERCH here: https://daverubin.store/ #RubinReport #charlamagnethagod #breakfastclub #Vivek #vivekramaswamy #daverubin Is the state […]

Tiny West African Island Shows Evidence of the Invention of Plantation Slavery

[ad_1] Situated on the West coast of Africa, with the equator running through it, the tiny island of Sao Tome was uninhabited before being colonized by the Portuguese in 1486. Now being investigated archaeologically for the first time, it has exhibited evidence of being the ‘first tropical slavery plantation economy’, a model that was later […]

They Censor THE TRUTH!

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These Emails Just Lost Him The Election

FOR 10% OFF BLACK FOREST SUPPLEMENTS GO TO: https://blackforestsupplements.com/brand As it appears Joe Biden used pseudonyms to hide Ukraine-related messages involving his son Hunter, CNN ADMIT that Donald Trump was RIGHT about Hunter earning millions from Ukraine and China. That would make Joe Biden untrustworthy and unelectable though, wouldn’t it? No no, that’s going too […]