David Icke Secret Tour Events About To Start – Belfast, Plymouth, Liverpool, Chatham, Kent, Cardiff, Kingston, Leeds, Brighton, Luton, Glasgow and Middlesbrough

[ad_1] David Icke is a British author, public speaker, conspiracy and reality researcher, and former footballer. He has gained a massive global following for his controversial views on a wide range of topics. Icke started his career as a professional footballer, playing for several clubs. After retiring from football in 1973, he became a newspaper […]

Alan Watts Let it be

Welcome to my channel! Please note that this channel does not participate in the YouTube Partner Program, meaning I have no control over the addition or removal of ads on these videos. Any advertisements you see are inserted solely by YouTube, not by me. Although I would prefer to offer an ad-free viewing experience, the […]

The Muskegon Voter Fraud Cover-Up By FBI

[ad_1] Important information related to the investigation of voter fraud in Muskegon, Michigan, during the 2020 election is being unlawfully kept from public access. To properly look into the suspected widespread voter fraud in the 2020 Muskegon election, it’s necessary to examine the 8,000–12,000 questionable voter applications submitted by GBI Strategies, funded by the Biden […]


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Hula's Male Warriors: Dance, Story, Strength (Video)

[ad_1] Dispelling the common misconception that hula is exclusively a feminine art form, Ke Kai O Kahiki, a renowned male hula school in Hawaii, remains steadfast in preserving the tradition of warrior storytelling through dance. Read more Section:  News Videos History Ancient Traditions Read Later  [ad_2] Source link