Ancient Giants Built The Great Pyramids?

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LIDAR Scan Discovered an Unknown Civilization In The Amazon

For centuries, it was believed that the Amazon Rainforest was a huge expanse of natural wilderness untouched by human hands, home to only a few tiny indigenous tribes since time immemorial. However, new research has shown that this longstanding belief is wrong, that in fact, the Amazon is not an untouched wilderness, but was once […]

I, Human The Smartest Person in the Room vs The Happiest Person in the Room AI is technology’s attempt to enhance the performance of the human brain. While science is attempting to compare the processing ability of neurons with silicon chips, it must be pointed out that we do not have a full understanding of the […]

Debi Evans Blog: 1 August 2023

[ad_1] As arsonists appear to set light to Greece, our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected. As the United Nations proclaim an era of ‘global boiling’, Michael Gove MP has still carried on with his holiday on the Greek island of Evia—I wonder what he knows that we don’t? However, in Phoenix, Arizona, […]