APRIL 21,1999…………..WEST MIFFLIN PENNSYLVANIA WEST MIFFLIN — Stan Gordon reports two UFO sightings over the suburbs of Pittsburgh, during the past week. On April 21, 1999, the occupants of a car saw an object that looked like a slice of pizza at 9:15 PM. The crust end of the pizza was flying forward and was […]

Truth Behind Dark Side Of The Moon!

Welcome to my new video.Conspiracy theorists have long pondered over the mysteries surrounding the moon, but none are as chilling as the alleged “Dark Side of the Moon” conspiracy. According to this theory, the moon’s far side harbors a secret that powerful entities have been hiding from humanity for centuries. The conspiracy suggests that the […]

Watch Adam Carolla’s Head Explode When Jay Leno Confirms This Insane Rumor | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of Jay Leno’s appearance on “The Adam Carolla Show” where he confirms one of the most mind blowing rumors about “The Tonight Show”. WATCH the MEMBER-EXCLUSIVE segment of the show here: Check out the NEW RUBIN REPORT MERCH here: #RubinReport #AdamCarolla #JayLeno #TonightShow #daverubin […]

Reading group on Žižek’s Lacrimae Rerum (Session 3)

Slavoj Žižek’s essays on Kieślowski, Hitchcock, Tarkovsky, and Lynch, among other filmmakers, are the perfect way to begin with Žižek’s approach to psychoanalysis, ideology, and cinema. This reading roundtable invites all researchers, professors, students, artists, and psychoanalysts interested in the ‘littoral’ space between psychoanalysis and cinema. The third session, on the second chapter (Hitchcock), took […]