Landmark Class Action Lawsuits Further Expose Startling Corruption In COVID Vaccine Rollout

Landmark class-action lawsuits filed, like the one by Brisbane lawyer Natalie Strijland and the one against AstraZeneca in the UK, further expose startling corruption in the COVID vaccine rollout. In the video below, Joe Rogan interviews cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra about Big Pharma’s control over research. What many don’t realize is that researchers who do […]

How Food Was Used To Oppress Indian Sailors On Colonial Ships

Ceri-Anne Fidler, in her doctoral thesis, describes how food was used to oppress Indian sailors on colonial ships. “The lascar was always sallow. It didn’t helpthat his name anagrammed rascal. He carrieda whiff of scurvy, a hint of rats in the hold,hulls battered by typhoons.” These words from a poem by Ranjit Hoskote are a […]

US And Israeli Envoys Clash Over Soros

After Twitter CEO Elon Musk compared Soros to Magneto, US and Israeli envoys clashed over whether Soros is anti-Semitic. The US and Israeli anti-Semitism envoys have taken opposing positions on whether supporters or critics of Jewish financier George Soros is anti-Semitic. The argument kicked off when Twitter CEO Elon Musk compared Soros to a cartoon […]

Russia Bans Greenpeace – GreatGameIndia

The Office of Russia’s Prosecutor General has announced that the country is banning Greenpeace, accusing the organization of undermining infrastructure and energy projects that are beneficial to Russia by inciting protests against them. Russia has designated Greenpeace an “undesirable organization,” citing the eco-activist group’s record of pushing a political agenda and meddling in […]

Michelle Obama’s Juice Brand Fails Her Own Health Standards

According to a new Bloomberg report, it was found that Michelle Obama’s juice brand fails to meet her own health standards, based on discussions with 12 independent health professionals and organizations. Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s touted health drink Plezi would fail the health standards set by the Obama administration, a new Bloomberg report found. MUST […]

Europe Approves World’s First Cryptocurrency Regulations

On May 16, EU ministers approved the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) legislation, making it the world’s first cryptocurrency regulations. The European Union has approved a set of rules—the first such regulation in the world—to regulate crypto assets like cryptocurrencies and tokens in a bid to curb money laundering activities and protect investors. MUST WATCH: Weaponization […]

How Mosquitoes Use Your Body Chemistry To Pick You For Their Next Meal

A study published in the journal Current Biology investigates how mosquitoes use your body chemistry to select you as their next meal. To unravel the age-old question of why mosquitoes eat some people alive but spare others, scientists built a large, open-air arena in Zambia and piped in the smells of a half-dozen humans slumbering in nearby […]

Fusion: The Worldwide Race To Capture The Power Of The Sun

Researchers in multiple nations have created what is called a tokamak reactor, which uses enormously powerful magnetic fields to contain the fusion reaction for milliseconds of time. This shows the worldwide race to capture the power of the sun. For decades it has been the modern version of turning lead into gold but its promise […]


APRIL 21, 2011…………HACKETTSTOWN NEW JERSEY In April 2011, a friend and I were stargazing on my roof on a dry clear night in New Jersey. We were observing the Lyrids meteor shower that wasn’t producing as many shooting stars as we had hoped, but we stayed up there, intensely focused on the sky to see […]