Crystal Caverns Video Game in Development – Disclosure Comics, Games & Films

Crystal Caverns is one of a handful of 2D video games in development that are based on the life story of Corey Goode and his Intellectual Property. Join Gonzales as he first learns about the Alien Agenda and the Military Secret Space Program in the Gonzales Story Deep Underground Military Bases – The Reptilians invade […]

Mission Paradox Game Trilogy In Development – Disclosure Comics, Games & Films

Based on the Life Story & Intellectual Property of Corey Goode – Mission Paradox is the third trilogy that Disclosure Comics, Games & Films has in development. Mission Paradox will take Secret Space Program teams through portals that lead to different places and times in Galactic History as part of a Galactic Temporal War. To […]

Egypt’s Hidden Treasure: The Valley of Whales

Whale Fossil Wadi Al hitan Unraveling the Mysteries of Ancient Whales and the Fossil-Rich Wadi El Hitan Venture beyond Egypt’s iconic pyramids and delve into the lesser-known wonder of Wadi El Hitan, a treasure trove of ancient whale fossils and geological secrets that offer a unique perspective into our planet’s past. The Allure of Egypt’s […]