Hangout #151

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A Truly Remarkable Story of PAST LIFE Recall… The Boy who Remembered it ALL!

@UAMNTV Join Theo Chalmers, the host of “On the Edge” TV Show, in this a MUST WATCH interview with Leininger Family, including James Leininger who was the subject of a well-known American child reincarnation case. In early childhood, James had frequent nightmares of being trapped in a burning plane that was crashing. In further statements […]


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Dear NASA, please pull the plug on Starliner!

After a 40 month comedy of errors, how is Starliner still not ready to take humans to orbit? More importantly, after all of these glitches and failures, how can NASA really risk astronauts on this thing? #space #nasa #boeing Please support my channel! EARLY VIDEO RELEASES, DISCORD MEMBERSHIP AND EXCLUSIVE CONTENT PLUS 15% OFF MERCH! […]

“You’re only as sick as yoursecrets and Trauma is a secretand Trauma creates silence”

You can watch all our videos at “…you’re only as sick as your secrets and Trauma is a secret and Trauma creates silence…” -Jamie Lee Curtis From The Wisdom of Trauma webinar scenarios during a conversation with Dr. Gabor Mate, Jamie Lee Curtis, Mona Haydar, Ashley Judd and Dr Elisa Hallerman. Science and Nonduality […]