Kazakhstan Shuts Down Crypto Exchange That Transferred $34 Million Through Binance – Exchanges Bitcoin News

Authorities in Kazakhstan have busted an illegal crypto trading platform, seizing over $350,000. The exchange allegedly processed almost $34 million in transactions through wallets on Binance, two of which have been blocked during the ongoing investigation. Digital Asset Exchange Making Millions in Turnover Closed Down in Kazakhstan A platform illegally trading cryptocurrencies in Kazakhstan, ABS […]

Hillary Clinton Connects All Her Causes In One Silly Word Salad | ROUNDTABLE | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Brendon Leslie of Florida’s Voice, and BlazeTV’s Sara Gonzalez about Hillary Clinton making International Women’s Day about climate change and the Ukraine War. Watch Dave’s FULL ROUNDTABLE here: ———- WATCH the MEMBER-EXCLUSIVE segment of the show here: https://rubinreport.locals.com ———- The Rubin Report Roundtable is a place where […]

5 Discoveries That Changed Our Understanding of Egyptian Mummification

By Jenefer Metcalfe / The Conversation Centuries after the first golden coffins were taken to Europe, ancient Egyptian mummies still vividly capture people’s imaginations. Perhaps we’re awed by the grandeur of their rituals and tradition. But new discoveries keep challenging scientists’ perception of these ancient rites. As a biomedical Egyptologist, I study mummies to learn […]

Nordstream blame game begins – The Grayzone live

Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss the controlled leaks aiming to deflect blame for the Nordstream attacks onto “pro-Ukrainian” elements, the failed attempt by Republican populists and Democratic progressives to withdraw US troops from Syria, and the dramatic congressional Twitter files hearing. source