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Scientific literature shows chlorophyll-rich chlorella to be among the most effective nutritional supplements for dioxin DETOX –

(Natural News) A freshwater algae variety known as chlorella (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) could be the solution to all the dioxin contamination occurring in East Palestine, Ohio, following the Norfolk Southern train derailment and “controlled explosion.” Research published in the Journal of Nutrition back in 1999 reveals how chlorella helps to accelerate the excretion of dioxins in […]

Buried Beneath the Peruvian Desert…The 5000 Year Old Pyramid City That Time Forgot

A routine discovery in the Peruvian desert, is now turning out to be truly stunning find of epic proportions. In the course of their investigation archaeologists have now unearthed several large pyramids that were built long before the Egyptian pyramids. Furthermore, this lost ancient city is enormous, spanning many kilometres towards the coast. The question […]

Strixology: Recording Diabolical Practices Of Renaissance European Witch Hunts

Foemina Instrumentum Diaboli can be translated as ‘Women are instruments of the devil’, which sums up the essence of Renaissance witch hunts in Europe. The word ‘witch’ evokes the figure of an elderly woman, dressed in rags, with a cone-shaped black hat on her head, hooked nails, disheveled hair and a large mole on a […]

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Anarchapulco Speech And An Important PFT Update!

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Stories from the Gallows: Executions Exhibition Reveals Tragic Tales of Death

The Museum of London Docklands is hosting Executions, a major exhibition exploring the capital’s history of public punishment, from the first recorded public execution in 1196 to the last in 1868. More frequent in London than any other British city, the capital (known as the City of Gallows) was host to some the most high-profile […]