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Mystery Ancient Handprint Discovered in Jerusalem, the City of God

A mysterious carved handprint has been discovered in Jerusalem. But, was it created by a defending Muslim, a terrified Jew, an attacking European knight, or is it just a long-forgotten local prank? Archaeologists excavating in Jerusalem discovered the mystery handprint during an infrastructure project on Sultan Suleiman Street which runs adjacent to the city’s ancient […]

11,000-Year-Old Human Remains Found in British Cave

An astounding discovery in the Heaning Wood Bone Cave in northern England has revealed the oldest human remains found in the region, dating back 11,000 years. A team from the University of Central Lancashire ( UCLAN), uncovered evidence of human activity in the early Mesolithic period, shedding new light on the technologies and cultural habits […]

Mass Protests Against Coup In Peru!

Mass protests have broken out across Peru in response to the recent “legislative coup” that led to the imprisonment of popular … source


Bitcoin (BTC) has been consolidating near $23,000 for the past few days. The next big question troubling investors is whether the rally is over or if Bitcoin resume its recovery. The strong year-to-date rally in Bitcoin has turned several analysts bullish in the short term. They anticipate Bitcoin to extend its up-move and reach $25,000 […]