Elizabethan-Era Ship Found in Quarry Lake Along English Channel Coast

Marine archaeologists recently removed the remains of a nearly 500-year-old Elizabethan-era ship  discovered in the bottom of a quarry lake approximately 1,000 feet (300 meters) from the Kent County coast in southern England. Recent tests have confirmed the ship was constructed from wood harvested sometime between the years 1558 and 1580, which proves the unknown […]

Peer Reviewed Studies Find COVID Always Less Deadly Than Flu & Injected Far More Likely To Get Sick

Trouble For Big Pharma As Nearly 50% Of People Report Quitting Pills For CBD According to a recent survey conducted by cannabis market research firm the Brightfield Group and HelloMD, an online medical cannabis community, nearly half of CBD (cannabidiol) users give up prescription drugs and over the counter medications in favor of the non-psychoactive substance. The survey of over 2,400 […]

Is There A Conservative Case For 'Speaker McCarthy'?

Tomorrow a (slim) Republican majority will take control of the US House of Representatives. Unknown is whether former Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) will get the needed 218 votes among the 222 House Republicans. What’s at stake? Also today, will admitted liar George Santos end up being the most truthful Member of the House? […]

Guerrilla Warriors Who Overthrew History

Guerrilla warfare is a particular type of combat that is generally fought by trained civilians fighting for freedom from oppression and independence, rather than an official military unit. History is peppered with famous guerrilla warriors or guerrillas who rebelled against the organized militaries of existing governments and rival insurgent forces with the support of local […]

Debi Evans Blog: 3 January 2023

As we start the New Year loosening our belts and de-tinselling our homes, many will be worrying how they are going to manage in a world of rising prices, continual emergencies, warnings, scare tactics, anxiety and yet more warnings of dire doom and gloom to come. Our governments don’t seem to be feeling as generous […]