Ecuador's resistance confronts multinational mining monster

In the second chapter of filmmaker Oscar Leon’s series on Ecuador’s resistance, Leon travels to the rural Andean community of Buenos Aires to meet rural campesinos and indigenous citizens defending their land against multinational mining companies. The clash over land and resources goes to the heart of the conflict that paralyzed Ecuador’s society in the […]

Ivanka Trump’s Family Is Making Egypt Great Again

U.S.- Egyptian cultural ties are strengthened as Ivanka Trump’s family explores the crumbling pyramids, temples and tombs of the Nile River.  This week brought news of “hundreds” of mummies dated from the 6th to 11th century BC being found in tunnels beneath King Teti’s pyramid in Saqqara, Egypt. Furthermore, archaeologists also identified a lost pyramid […]

Hollywood, Streaming Giants Scramble for Movie Rights to FTX Saga – Bitcoin News

After the FTX collapse, the story seems as though it came from a financial thriller based on fiction and made-up characters. However, the story and the people behind it are very real and today’s streaming giants like Amazon, Apple, and Netflix are vying to get the rights to tell the FTX tale. ‘Multiple’ Film Adaptations […]

Ether tests $1,200 but bears better positioned for $1.13B options expiry on Nov. 25

No matter if one analyzes Ether’s (ETH) longer-term or weekly time frame, there is little hope for bulls. Besides the negative 69% year-to-date performance, a descending channel has been pressuring the ETH price while offering resistance at $1,200. Ether/USD 4-hour price index. Source: TradingView Regulatory uncertainty continues to weigh down the sector. For example, Starling, […]