This Is Personal… – Press For Truth

While maintaining the Twitter ban on Alex Jones, Elon Musk calls himself a “free speech absolutist,” but it’s obvious now that he doesn’t have a clue what that actually means.  Free speech absolutism would theoretically mean that even someone who was wrong about a high-profile event like the Sandy Hook massacre would be allowed to […]

Why is Bitcoin price down today?

Bitcoin (BTC) price accelerated its sell-off on Nov. 21 to hit a new yearly low at $15,654.  The move follows a market-wide decline that was catalyzed by investors running for the hills in fear that the FTX-induced contagion would infect every corner of the crypto sector. Stocks also closed the day in the red, with […]

'Staircase To Nowhere' Appears In Giza Plateau? 👀

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This week on ‘In The News Right Now’ – David Icke

🚨Tomorrow night on ‘In The News Right Now’🚨 Leilani and myself are joined by David Clews, Sean Stone, and Lizzie Barker. We talk cost of living, Epstein, gender, and the G20. Tuesday – 7pm UK – @ickonic @WatchingSean — Gareth Icke (@garethicke) November 21, 2022 Source link

Metal Detected Medieval ‘Love Ring’ Might Fetch Over $40K

An English metal detectorist has unearthed a medieval “love ring” made of gold and diamonds. With its noble heritage known, this rare golden artifact has been valued at a show-stopping $40,000. Englishman David Board had given up metal detecting around 40 years ago. This year, however, David retired and bought himself a new detector. Only […]

The Most Powerful Rocket Motors Ever Flown!

#ad Northrop Grumman, builders of the 5 segment solid rocket motors which propelled SLS and turned night into day with the launch of #Artemis 1. Find out more about Artemis at: Details on the SLS Boosters: Follow me on Twitter for more updates: Tweets by DJSnM I have a discord server where I […]

Conversations with Harvey: NEURAL ENGAGEMENT – Episode 4

This is the trailer for a live recording of a real interaction with Harvey the extraterrestrial. Harvey defines neural engagement, which is a telepathic method of mental manipulation. He also describes the methods used to defend against neural engagement. The full conversation can be found on Subscribe to Farsight’s FREE newsletter: TWITTER: @farsightprime […]