It’s time for crypto fans to stop supporting cults of personality

[ad_1] Many of the centralized cryptocurrency platforms that collapsed this year had something in common: a young, outspoken and cocky leader. Each gained outsized influence not by virtue of outsized intellect or talent but because of their piles of money and large Twitter followings. And each time, misplaced trust in their abilities resulted in disastrous […]

New York’s mayor seeks balance with regulators after PoW mining moratorium

[ad_1] New York City mayor Eric Adams is still focused on making New York a crypto hub, but he believes that goal can be combined with statewide efforts to curb environmental costs related to crypto mining, according to reports on Nov 25.  The comments follow the new law signed by New York governor Kathy Hochul, banning […]

New Thinking on ‘Mass Formation’ (Psychosis) – David Icke

[ad_1] As individuals slowly emerge from the fog that descended on them in March 2020, the sense of disorientation and anxiety is palpable. Some of those who took part in the fanaticism and bullying are rewriting or memory-holing what they actually said and did. Others have proposed a pandemic amnesty, as if everyone is just waking up […]

Alan Watts – Myth of Myself | Who Am I? [Relaxing Video]

Relaxing Video of Alan Watts offering a powerful speech (Myth of Myself) about meaning of life, humans and the most fascinating problem in the world. Please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! Thank you for watching! photos from and music (Fluidscape) by Kevin MacLeod | and promoted by #alanwatts #meaning #relaxing source