BNB Chain aims to raise 30K new Web3 developers across Latin America in 2022

BNB Chain, a blockchain network created by crypto exchange Binance, and Latin America-focused education platform Platzi announced that they will be launching a Web3 development course for the region. By the end of the year, the course aims to be accessible to 30,000 students. Gwendolyn Regina, investment director at BNB Chain, told Cointelegraph that this […]

Houston Texans becomes first NFL team to sell game suite with crypto

National Football League (NFL) team Houston Texans has become the first organization in the league to sell single-game suites in exchange for crypto. The move comes as part of a deal with Texas-based crypto firm bitWallet, which as of Aug. 16 became the official crypto wallet provider for the team. bitWallet will also provide intermediary […]

Less Ice and Low Water Levels Reveal Hidden Treasures – At A Price

For the world of archaeology, climate change is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, receding ice and falling water levels are bringing to the surface entire villages and ruins of civilizations. On the other hand, climate change is also causing erratic weather cycles, including wetter winters, and unseasonal humidity is wreaking havoc on ancient […]


AUGUST 4, 1990………CALVINE SCOTLAND The image was titled Calvine Photograph and originally handed over to Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper and then to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in the early 90s. Since that time, it was never seen by the public. Reports said the photograph was captured on 4 August 1990 about 35 miles northwest […]

The Medieval Crushing of the Cathars and Sexualizing of Witches

Many Christian writers identified the gods and lesser spirits of the Greek and Roman world with demons. This ushered in the Christian practice of demonizing those they perceived as their opponents. One of those opponents to the Catholic Church was the Cathars, whose persecution set the stage for many of the horrors committed by the […]