Ufo Sightings July 2022 Infrared camera Lots of Activity

thanks so much for being a member: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwXFxXgYPh0edZ9zWi-331A/join This channel is being shadow banned…thanks for the interest. If you want a moon base on your wall…had this started years ago…but never shared it out. For those curious. https://bruceswartz.pictorem.com Well known French Ufologist & Paranormal & Entity researcher in France, Christian Macé…his posts can be seen […]

CLASSIFIED “Few People On Earth Know About It”

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WEF Calls for End of Private Car Ownership

In light of the push for green energy, the World Economic Forum said actions need to be taken to lessen dependence on critical metals. Now, the WEF is calling for the end of private car ownership. As countries try to move to renewable energy sources, the World Economic Forum is attempting to diminish the global […]

Narcissus: An Ancient Tragic Story with Many Modern Parallels

The Greek tale of the self-absorbed yet staggeringly handsome Narcissus is a famous and ancient one. Despite its age, the myth remains famous to this day and provides a moral warning against becoming selfish and uncaring towards others. The Narcissus story is so influential, in fact, that his name has been given to the mental […]