Antisocial Behavior in Men vs. Women

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Astonishing Pre-Flood Ruin Found In Mardin❔

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Whitley Strieber – “What Are the Motives & Aims of Our Visitors from Space?”

Courtesy of Conscious Life Expo 2022 – Drawing on research from his upcoming book ‘Them,’ Whitley will present an analysis of the motives, aims and policies of our visitors. From various attempts at mass contact that have been misunderstood by our authorities, his wealth of close encounter witness testimony and sighting reports, he will reveal, […]

Why We Need More Greta Thunberg

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What’s That Smell? Body Odor Through the Ages!

Consider your home bathroom: you probably have a lot of toiletries in there, such as soap, deodorant, and perfume. In today’s age, these items are associated with cleanliness and health. But were they always? Believe it or not, humanity has had a love-hate relationship with body odor for millennia. Whether sweet, pungent, or simply not […]

Core Scientific sold $167M worth of Bitcoin holdings in June

United States-based cryptocurrency mining firm Core Scientific sold more than 7,000 Bitcoin in June to pay for servers, increase its data capacity, and settle debts. In a Tuesday announcement, Core Scientific said it had sold roughly $167 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) in June at an average price of $23,000 — 7,202 BTC. The sale […]

Multi-polar World Emerging as US Surrenders Power – David Icke

China and Russia have deepened their cooperation in recent years in large part thanks to the US decoupling itself from many regions as it focuses on domestic issues. China’s engagement with Russian biotech has increased and in general the Sino-Russian relationship has improved. Moscow and Beijing have grown increasingly closer, starting with the 2001 Treaty […]

Canadians Now REQUIRED SHOT EVERY 9 MONTHS! “You Will NEVER Be Fully-Vaxxed" Covid-19(84) FOR LIFE?!

Watch the full video here: Canada’s Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos has announced that Canadians will soon be required to receive a Covid-19(84) vaccine every 9 months in order to keep “up to date” with their vaccine status noting that they will never be “fully vaccinated” against Covid-19(84). Meanwhile not long ago the provincial health […]